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Monday, October 10, 2005

Back home

Last night I came home after a very busy weekend in Melbourne where I was studying. I had a pretty good time but very busy as you could imagine, I had an exam to go through and wondered if I could pass it, but I did, yay me!!
I also wondered if I could actually draw blood and understand the whole way they do things,(without passing out) but I was able to do that too, I surprised myself, the look of blood or putting a needle in didn't bother me at all, I guess looking at it in a different light makes a big difference.
The student house I stayed at was really good, better than I thought and there was a beautiful Cathedral St.Ignatius Church and I wanted to go to a mass while there so I did.
I also visited St.Francis Church I didn't go right in because there was a service going on at the time, but I had a look around, they also have an awesome bookstore right next door.
My first hours of Melbourne were not so good, I got there and some pervert old man tried to bug me until he found that there was another man coming his way, I was in such a bad mood from lack of sleep that I felt like punching his lights out, when he approached me I knew that he was up to no good.
Melbourne has to be my favorite city, there is nothing like it, it's so livable and affordable, it's also so gorgeous.
Thanks to all you guys for your nice comments and kind words, I thanked you already on the last comment in my last post but who reads those?
I can't leave out the fact that I went looking around many stores, shopping is a great form of therapy! :D
I really wished that I had more time to do things that I wanted to do but my days were very limited.
The people I met were great, my partner at school (we had to have partners for blood taking hahahah) was a pleasure to get to know, and we both gave each other very sore arms from needles, but were still nice to each other.
I must say though, it's good to be home...

The photo is one of melbourne, very nice..

Ok an update on this post: I wanted to show you some pictures of these cute babies Unreal!!! I had them emailed to me. I thought they were made of marzipan but Jonathan corrected me, they are made of resin or something. Here is the website LINK
I think they are adorable, enjoy

posted by Grace B at 7:19 PM


WELCOME HOME!!! It looks like a lovely place! The links were cool too!

What are you studying to be, that you had to draw blood... I am not sure I could do it. I give blood, and it does not bother me to watch them stick me... but actually poking someone else.... ewwwwwwwwww! LOL...

7:12 AM  

Awww thanks Sprite! I'm glad you liked the links too.
I was taking classes to work with pathology companies, mainly blood collection and all kinds of specimen collections, eg:skin grafts, breath tests, drug screens and all that.
I never thought I could stick a needle into anyone but surprised myself, I was too busy concentrating on not pushing the needle in too far that I didnt have time to faint!
It's good to be home :D

4:57 PM  

I have seen those little babies on the net somewhere else before. They are so precious.

6:53 AM  

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