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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Says the Pope

Jeff Miller from The Curt Jester has written a few words about Pope Benedict XVI giving the children a little lesson at the youth rally in St.Peter's square.
What really touched me was the answer Pope Benedict XVI gave to a child who asked about Jesus being present in communion, this child wondered how it could be so, when the child could not actually see Jesus in communion. The answer was so special and a perfect explanation for a child, but also the right answer for us adults.
To read the post click here: Pope as Catechist

Picture above is of a cute german rottweiler

Also Marie Linda posted about Thanksgiving a few days ago, I just love the photo of the little girl praying with her dolls that was on her blog, you can find it Here
Last but not least, I leave you with this:
posted by Grace B at 8:58 PM


The Pope's answer to the child about the eucharist really is beautiful... and helpful to those of us who are converting. I like it because it's both a "mystical" answer, and a logical one.

8:43 AM  

haha, too cute, I have a couple of ziggy's very similar. They say: "i believe in life after coffee" and "Instant nice person... just add coffee" SO true!

8:53 AM  

"A mystical answer, and a logical one" is just what I was trying to write to describe it but couldnt think of the words! Yes indeed, very helpful for those who are converting, and an encouragement and inspiration for our faith.

Oh so they are "Ziggy's" I wasnt sure what they were, but I couldnt resist this one. I am yet to see the ones you mention, funny! and yeah SO true of coffee addicts :D

9:39 PM  

Hey Carmel!

Thanks for the reference... and I also really liked the Pope's answer to the little boy. He is such a gentleman...he seems to be so good and understanding with people of all ages!

8:37 PM  

carmel ~ i frequently look at one of the photoblogs listed on the rightside of my blog . . . kathleen connally 'journals' about the area that she lives in an has an OUTSTANDING series of photos of timber wolfs and i sort of connected her photos with german rottweiler that you posted . . . and well i thought that you might enjoy them too . . . if your interested you can take a look here:


: : : peace

9:49 PM  

thank you for being so thoughtful like that! I visited that website, it's absolutely gorgeous! Those wolves are beautiful.

Marie Linda,
Yes he is very much a gentleman

2:44 AM  

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