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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Money VS Life

I just got back from my friends wedding. It was fun, parties are always fun, at least when you're in good company. It's always good having great cake(not to mention strawberries and chocolate, my fave) and great wine! I must say I think I'm a lil tipsy after we toasted the couple a few times.
Anyway, about life and money, I was thrilled to hear of Charlotte Wyatt's DNR order being lifted, she is so cute, and growing, I have a link to a blog with photos and updates about her on my sidebar :)
What has really left me disappointed in people is the fact that comments have been left on other blogs by people complaining that these cases take their tax dollars, and why should they have to pay for it and so on.
I admit if someone were left on a life support system where they are really dead but having the heart artificially pumped and all that, well they are probably gone, but when it's a breathing aid for someone who is improving , well that's a different matter, and I would happily donate, and pay tax knowing my money was going to something so important and beautiful as Charlotte Wyatt.
After all what price do you put on life?
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