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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Pro-life or Pro-choice?

My main concerns with Pro-choice issues are that life is not being respected. Life that cannot speak for reasons such as "not being born yet" or being disabled and unable to communicate, often leaves the live human with "no choice".
Some call abortion a "freedom" issue, but it is hardly that. We need what I call "protection of life and rights to life".
Some websites suggest the government "stay out" of these issues, I question why? Should the government not be involved in protection against unjust acts upon life? I feel the government should be looking into these things and keeping a keen interest.
In a pro-choice website they write:

"Our goal is for the national Libertarian Party platform to RETAIN wording making it clear that we want government to stay out of the matter and that we do not want it prohibiting (or mandating) abortion!"
Is it really a "freedom" to do what they want with life that these people are seeking? A "no boundary" attitude to who gets to live or die?
The beating of a heart does mean that a fetus is alive, it is a human being, whether this life is sitting in a womb or in a hospital bed, does not change this fact. They turn a blind eye to this because they want "freedom, liberty" to do anything and they want the government to stay out.
Another site states:
Pre-born Baby: To claim that a single human cell is a pre-born baby is to claim that one, single, incomplete, dependent, unsustainable cell (so small its almost invisible to the naked eye) is the same as a breathing, laughing, crying, 3,000,000,000,000 (three trillion) cell human baby. That's like saying a redwood tree seed (which is about the size of a grain of rice) is the same as a thousand- year-old, thirty-seven-ton redwood tree.

See anything wrong with that picture?
Life is a gift and no one has the right to assume they have more right to live than the other.

This article has also left me wondering where the respect for life is.
The author quotes birth this way:

"Then theres birth, painful, dangerous, and destructive. There is no easy way to get one person out of another; however its done, both parties are bound to suffer, though usually the mother suffers more than the baby. The effects of childbirth are long-lasting and sometimes irreparable aching joints, scars, incontinence that shows up in middle age. After a woman gives birth, her body is never the same. Its one thing if she has chosen to take these risks, but quite another if she hasnt."

Child birth is painful for all, but it' s also a wonderful and emotional and not to mention beautiful way that a child can be born into the world, as many call it the miracle of life, and so it is.
Through exercise a womans body can be healthy and the same, scars are a very small issue.
And if the woman has not chosen to be pregnant then it's really not an excuse enough to discard of the developing child who did not ask to be there either.
Not to forget that this woman who has not chosen to be pregnant, chose to take the risk.

It's a fact that women who make the choice to have an abortion, face an elevated risk of death from a number of causes.

What about Ana Rosa? She is a failed abortion attempt, the doctors cut off her arm, thinking they killed her, but they didnt and she was born without an arm.

Ok so this is rare, but one mistake is a huge mistake and one mistake too many.
I care very deeply about life and I try not to write too much on this issue because I don't condemn or judge anybody, and I do not condemn women who have already aborted a child, nor those who vote for pro choice.
I have been very close to this issue, with 2 personal acquaintances, they both had abortions, simply because they couldn't resist having sex that night, and the man didnt like the feel of condoms, I wont go into contraception issues, i'm Catholic and that should tell you enough. But one of these girls was too afraid to tell her mother she wasnt a virgin and that was the reason behind the termination, again I hold no judgement toward her or condemnation I see why this is a very bad act and morally wrong and have a huge respect for life, starting from conception until birth.
It's also difficult for me to write alot about this subject because of the huge debates that follow, but at the same time feel very passionately about the issue.

I would like end this post with some things Pope John Paul II said on this issue:

"challenge to life has grown in scale and urgency in recent years." "It has involved particularly the beginning of human life, when human beings are at their weakest and most in need of protection,"

The government of each nation "has as its primary task precisely the safeguarding and promotion of human life."

"The Church's position, supported by reason and science, is clear: the human embryo is a subject identical to the human being which will be born at the term of its development," he explained. "Consequently whatever violates the integrity and the dignity of the embryo is ethically inadmissible."

"We must not be resigned to attacks on human life, above all, abortion. Human life is a precious gift to be loved and defended in each of its stages."

"I appeal urgently to all of you, dear brothers and sisters, to do everything in your power to ensure that life, each and every life, will be respected from conception to its natural end," the Pope said. "Life is a sacred gift, and no one can presume to be its master."
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Wow! Good for you that you have those ideas and you're not afraid to write them. I don't agree with abortion except for incest or rape. Or the mother's life is in danger. I have a big problem with people who use them as birth control and there are people out there. I went to high school with a girl who had three of them simply because she was a slut. It's too bad. Maybe if she'd have had that baby she wouldn't have had to have 2 other abortions. I have never had one and I think they are really sad.

6:54 AM  

Thanks Jules :D
I tried not to come accross as someone who doesnt like people b/c they have had an abortion, and more like sharing my thoughts on how people can disregard life, like the girls you know and of course the girls I know, I think we all know girls who have just abused it that way.
Anyways, cya in the blog world :D

12:10 PM  

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