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Friday, October 28, 2005

Fluffy rabbits n' flowers n' stuff

It's saturday!! And i'm glad, yesterday was one of those full on days and by the end of it I had a major headache, I was in bed by 9.30pm which is odd for me.
Spring has hit here in my land, it's getting so hot soon it will be time to do the fun summer stuff we all like to do :D
One fun summer thing I would like to do again, is to go snorkelling, it's so cool, although, when I went to snorkel were these weird things on the beach and I was too scared to squish them and kill them but they were everywhere! Underwater was like a new world, you can't hear anything but water and it feels like "peace" I wished that I had a camera to capture the beauty under there, if you ever visit a place called "Mystery Island" you must go snorkelling!
Blogging has been a real fun hobby for me, last night I just checked out anyones blogs.
I never realized how rude I can initially be (but I don't mean to be) I went jogging at our local football field and when it was cool down and walk time this lady walked by me with a huge smile,I could tell she wanted to say "hey there" or something. I initially thought to myself "hope she doesnt start talking to me, it's not like I know her" so she said "hi there" and started talking, she ended up being a very interesting person and I had a great cool down time walking and talking with her, I think it's too easy to get into that "leave me alone im busy" world, and im dissapointed in myself for thinking how I did. But hey I learned :D

I really like what's behind this poem, I hope everyone who reads it can be a wildflower!

Are you a wildflower?

Wildflowers grow from mere dust to reach their full potential.
Wildflowers grow well, even in adverse soil conditions.
Wildflowers don't require late nights at the office to grow.
Wildflowers grow thick and stick together.
Wildflowers grow strong and tall.
Wildflowers display their brilliant personalities for all to see.
Wildflowers withstand drought and grow all the more beautiful when watered.
Wildflowers withstand frost and hale.
Wildflowers last late in the season, when other flowers have given up.
Are you a wildflower?
~By David Leonhardt

Want to know who has the most beautiful singing voice in the world? (in my opinion)
James Blunt I have been listening to his stuff for a while, I love the song
You're Beautiful it's really worth checking him out. And of course I have to put a face to his name, so here is his pic...

And finally, bad hair/hare day....

But Oh so cute, kissy kissy kissy xxxxx
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I love that song "Your're beautiful", too!!!!

4:59 PM  

I like that poem on Wildflowers. So very, very true! Today's psalm about finding peace in God by not trying to grasp at things beyond you, reminds me of this too.

3:58 PM  

I knew you had good taste :D

Yes both the pslam and the poem both have a very simmilar message, if only we could remember the lesson behind it all in our most difficult times!

10:54 PM  


8:35 AM  

I liked both of the sample songs on that site!

And poetry is right up my alley, so that was great too! Thanks for sharing!!!

10:21 AM  

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