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Friday, November 04, 2005


Yeah I wrote 2 posts about him already but want to do more....

You know what is really sad? That someone has a beautiful son (Dylan Hartung) who is diagnosed with a life threatening disease, cancer.
Now what is more sad is that because Dylan has a small chance of survival, the government will not fund any surgery to remove his tumors.
So what his family did, is raise funds to take him to the USA and get him some treatment, but have run out and he still needs treatment. Now my heart goes out to them, because all those who have children would know the pain of being able to do nothing for your child and watch him waste away because you had no money.
But they are fighting on and getting ideas to raise some more money so they can possibly remove these tumors.
So now Dylan has a new store!!Plea for Dylan it's not online yet so just check back.
Do you live in New York? (NYC) If you do how about you go visit, I can ask you to visit because it was in an email sent to me, so i'm not inviting people myself, Dylan would love it.
Visit his website:

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I finally got a few good hours of sleep last night, so I feel a lot better today :D
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Hey there. I read about this in the West Australian today. My heart also goes out to Dylan and his family. I'm sure, however, that blogs such as yours help support his family through emotional encouragement. :)

Thank you for commenting on my blog. Be well.


3:40 AM  

Benji, Anytime, it was good to stumble accross an Australian blog, never saw one before!
Oh and thanks, Dylan's situation is very close to my heart.

4:39 PM  

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