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Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

Ok happy and spooky halloween to all, some of you have got great halloween stuff on your blogs! Some ghost stories and stuff are just too spooky for this wimpy person.

On my way home today I got into this terrible fight with this strange person and got kicked in the shin and look:

Actually the truth is that I fell out of my car when my shoe slipped off me :D
But lemme tell ya, it hurt.

Today is All Saints Day, it's quite a nice time to reflect on the good that will unite us all later.
And in victoria it's the Melbourne Cup whooo hoooo, every year we have this huge horse race celebration and we get to dress up, have a few good drinks and either win or lose our money.
I hope my horsey wins me some dough :D Go Makybe Diva!! You must see her photo:

Im not really into betting but once a year at this time is a lot of fun for me and the family.
posted by Grace B at 4:18 PM


I about fell out of my chair when you said you got in a fight! I was ready to gather the fellow bloggers, fly over there and come to your rescue!

Hope your horse does well!

6:56 AM  

You fell out of your car? I hope it wasn't moving at the time :)

9:03 AM  

The terrible fight story is much more interesting though. Happy All Saints Day!

10:32 AM  

Sorry to hear about your mishap Carmel. I hope you're shin is getting better.

Happy All Saints Day!

4:38 PM  

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6:26 PM  

I as well have a battle scar, but from today. I ran to my bed and knocked my knee down towards my feet...but I think I'll steal your getting jumped by a homeless man!! Thanks for the tip! How did you get that number of eyes on "my" blog counter!!!

6:27 PM  

Click on the persons eyes thing and it should take you to their site, then you register with your email address, it's pretty cool I just found it last night.

Sprite, JJ, Jack, St.P's My horse did win!! But I only won 30dollars :D

6:34 PM  

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