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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

He loves me..

My love Jonathan spoilt me for my birthday (no, it's not my birthday) with a new digital camera! (whoo hoo)
It arrived in the mail yesterday and now I can take lots of photos!
I hope to show off and post some at a later date :)
He also got me another gift which is to do with Bro.Andre Bessette

Yes he loves me :)

posted by Grace B at 12:01 PM


Lovely sunset!

Have you been to St. Joseph Oratory? I was planning on a pilgrimage last year for their 100th anniversary but it didn't happen.

Thanks for the link.

And God bless Jonathan!

5:45 PM  

St. Peter's helpers,
Carmel may not know it yet, lol, but St. Joseph Oratory is on my list of places to visit someday, so likely we'll do it together when we're married. The Oratory looks beautiful and the story behind it is truly amazing. It's a lasting testament to the faith of Bl. Andre. In case you're wondering why I have such an interest, I work with Holy Cross brothers.

5:58 PM  

Uh-oh... sorry if I spoiled the surprise Jonathan :D Yes, it is certainly a beautiful place just by looking at the photos on their website. Okay now, when the time comes, God willing, you have to make sure Carmel brings her new digital camera and post them on her photoblog.

Wow, your working with the Holy Cross brothers must be a real blessing. And a blessing for them as well! I'm glad to know that there is another community of religious brothers dedicated to education (aside from the Christian brothers).

8:48 PM  

I am adicted to my camera so I will surely post those pictures!
I will have to see who the Christian brothers are too.
I am looking forward to visiting the Orartory and will keep Jonathan to his word :D
I will pray that you get to visit it too some day since you missed out last time.

1:09 PM  

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