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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Counter Terrorism Laws

I have been very impressed with the new Counter Terrorism Laws, which has led to the capture of several extremists. These extremists have been under surveillance for one year and police have hundreds of hours of taped phone calls to use as evidence against these guys.
Arrests were made yesterday and today, in which homes were raided and explosive equipment was found and they seized chemicals and weapons.
I feel terrible for the Muslim community because they are feeling targeted, but reality is that they are not being targeted at all, this is to protect them also, in recent terrorist attacks, Muslims too have been killed.
Our Prime Minister made a public announcement on television, stating that Muslims are welcome in the Australian community and we want them to be a part of us.
The police say that these men intended to carry out a jihad or holy war to "kill innocent men and women in Australia" .
I know that 7 men so far have been arrested(17 alltogether in custody) for conspiring to manufacture explosives for a preparation to carry out a terrorist act.
I think that the police actions have saved a future attack on Australia and both Muslims, Australians and other cultures need to recognize that it could have killed our own.
I certainly feel greatful and safer, knowing that these men are going to be dealt with in court.
I am also very ashamed at those who reacted with violence against police.
For a more detailed story visit:

After writing this post I decided to add this: News Video of the Prime Minister reassuring Muslims that this is not an attack targeting them.

posted by Grace B at 2:13 PM


Every country should have this law. The Australian police force has done a great job - in fact, all police forces ought to include anti-terrorism training in their basic schooling. It's a different world we live in now.

This should be an inspiration to other police forces.

May God continue to bless and protect Australia. Cardinal Pell's prayers are being heard.

4:27 PM  

Thank you for your prayer, yes I would hope that anti-terrorism training takes place in the police force's basic schooling. Unfortunatly we have to deal with this in our world right now and we have to protect ourselves and do all we can.

6:45 PM  

Carmel, did this happen yesterday? Has this been happening a lot in Australia? This is crazy! London was under attack this summer; Paris is still putting out fires and trying to catch the terrorists, and now Australia... What I find totally disconcerting is how to tell who are the Muslims who are opposed to this (which seems to be the majority) and the extremists. The police do not have an easy job on their hands.

Australia is in my prayers tonight for protection from the Lord.

7:17 PM  

Yes this just happened yesterday and more arrests happened this morning 9th Nov.
There have been plans made for terror attacks but so far the criminals have been caught on time. Thank GOd!!
Yes it's hard to tell, not all Muslims are opposed to this, I know many Muslim people and some also work for me. It's really hard to tell, I guess some feel like we are looking down on them while others may be ok and want these extremists behind bars.
Yes the world is full of it at the moment. I know with all the good around, we can overcome all this.
as Anne Frank says..

""I don't think of all the misery, but of all the beauty that still remains"

9:11 PM  

Oh!!! And Marie-Linda, Thanks for your prayers, they mean a lot :D

9:12 PM  

Its so sad what is going on everywhere in the world now. I'm very glad they caught these guys in Australia. Continued prayers for peace.

5:57 AM  

It is great that they caught those guys. I know from working in law enforcement, that we have to have Weapons of Mass Destruction classes (it is now a federally mandated requirement.) We have had to have certian vaxinations, and all kinds of crazy preperations...

After the 9/11 attack, we had one of the terrorists who helped plan it, living in my small country town (population 2500) That is crazy.

My prayers for those in need, those in fear, and those who need a guiding hand.

6:43 AM  

Everyone, thanks for your prayers, I see the importance of upholding each other in this way.
Heather you have had training in this! WOW

1:04 AM  

I pray for wisdom to discern that extremism is present in all religions, in all nations and in many forms...

In my humble opinion, there are too much fear (packaged well by governments with political and financial agendas) and too little Love...

I pray for Wisdom.

3:05 PM  

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