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Monday, November 14, 2005


No matter who you are, i'm sure that you have been in a religious conversation at some point. There have been countless times, where I have been approached myself and asked "why do you believe?" and then the big discussion, which I like of course.
It's not always an easy task to put into words all this "reason" behind my faith, but I love the discussion and I love listening to peoples honesty.
I was really impressed by
Marie-Linda's explanation, of a faith being All about the relationship
There are so many reasons behind my faith, and yes it is a strong faith simply because my relationship with God is strengthened each day.
Just like any relationship.

On another topic, I love this:
Create your own South Park Character
hat tip goes to Samantha Burns

Unfortunately for me, I can't display my character on my blog because I don't have the right program.

posted by Grace B at 2:42 AM


Awesome link, thanks!!

If you want to post your Southpark charecter, there is a way around your delima.

Put your charecter together, and when you have your final product, hit your printscreen key on your keyboard.

Next open microsoft paint
hold the control key down and press v (this is the keyboard short cut for paste) the whole screen will show up. Save and close.

Next go to where you saved it, right click and open with what ever program you use to crop pictures. Crop the other stuff off, and save as, (be sure to change from a bitmap to jpeg or the blog won't recognize it.)

and vwa la!

11:31 AM  

Thanks sprite! Very helpful :D
I'm glad you liked the link too, I thought it was fun

6:48 PM  

Thanks for the link Carmel! And your faith is inspiring to me!

May He continue to set our hearts on fire with Love.

7:19 PM  

you're welcome!

9:49 PM  

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