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Friday, November 18, 2005

My ebay!

Previously I posted about my very first item on ebay, now I have 4 items!! I wonder if they will sell, if not, I at least get my thrill having my items listed :D

Sorry for not updating much lately, I have been tired and not very inspired :(

Don't you just hate the Teletubbies? I'm not sure if they are internationally known but they bug me, so I like this gif image very much......

posted by Grace B at 1:59 PM


ROFL, I hate the Teletubbies,too! It is such a nonsense thing! I wonder which child feels entertained by them :)

1:21 AM  

lol Hear hear! I have always found the Teletubbies weird, but I recently caught a new show that tops even their oddness, Boobah. It makes Teletubbies look normal. They creep me out, abit.
In the end I think it's the colors that really gets a childs attention.

2:58 PM  

I was trying to think of who the other weird ones were, Boobah!
Yeah it's the colors, Brianna loved the teletubbies when she was about 2yo......that was a painful time :D

1:13 AM  

Lol I bet! I remember babysitting for a few kids that loved Barney. I made it my goal to entertain them in hopes they'd forget about him for the duration of my stay. I always felt bad for the parents though they were forced to hear it regularly.

4:11 PM  

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