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Monday, November 21, 2005

Christmas in Schools

Yesterday Vicotria's (Australia) premier, Steve Bracks gave his top order to every school and kindergarten in victoria: not to ban Christmas from schools.
This comes after last year some schools banned singing Christmas carols and nativity scenes, in fear of offending non-Christian children.
Mr.Bracks said that the Government would send a message to every primary and secondary school, to remind them not to ban Christmas celebrations.
He also said "those who don't wish to participate don't have to, and those who wish to celebrate in their own way can do so. But even those from other faiths, of course, accept Christian celebrations and the Government is keen to ensure, there are no ban on any of these sorts of activities".

Go Mr.Bracks! (even if I get mad at you most of the time)
The message of Christianity is very important today, the message of peace, compassion and kindness can do so much. Without forcing it's values on anyone.

posted by Grace B at 2:18 AM


That's great! Its awful how Christmas and Christianity has been shoved out of U.S. schools. Many stores are banning employees from wishing customers a Merry Christmas.

8:19 AM  

It is bad here too, how contraversial this issue has become. I honestly do not understand humanity sometimes!

8:22 AM  

yeah, I don't understand it myself. I do not believe that encouraging others to accept all faiths and their practices is in any way forceful or offensive.
We need to accept Christians, and non Christians, Athiests and all.
I think some times it's going way to far like you said 4hischurch, banning employees from saying "merry Christmas" it's only wishing someone a happy 25th of Dec! I'm all for Christmas :D

2:52 PM  

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