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Friday, November 25, 2005

Dolphin Cure

Studies that were published in the British Medical Journal has found that swimming with dolphins has led to falling levels of depressive symptoms in people.
I read that these findings support the theory of "Biophilia" which shows how human health and well-being depend on relationships with the natural environment.
I thought that was pretty interesting and blog worthy.

Ok, the truth is, i'm bored and i'm throwing myself into scientific explanations of various things, anythings really. I need a life

posted by Grace B at 11:20 PM


As I was waiting for the screen to change to the comments section, I realized your dolphins jump! Very cool! (Hey, I'm on dial-up here. Things can get pretty slow!)

Don't sell yourself short, Carmel. Your post was very blog-worthy. My dh calls our dog his "Anxiety dog". She is our resident therapist and keeps us happy.

If I ever have to live in a nursing home, I sincerely hope they have Pets on Wheels, or something similar, or better yet, a resident animal. I think they are important.

8:18 AM  

Thanks 4HC!
Awww the resident therapist happens to be a cute one too! My cat knows when i'm upset, she gets in my face at times like that and follows me, which of course makes me laugh and feel better.
One of my missions in life is to swim with some or a, dolphin, it looks like it would be fun. :D

1:19 PM  

I have a preference for Fish Stick therapy personally.

5:21 PM  

Whatever it takes Cubicle Reverend

6:01 PM  

I always wanted to swim with a dolphin, but I don't know. Me and the ocean aren't the best of friends. I hope you get to do it carmel. For now I'll stick with my fish stick therapy. Sure my colestoral will go through the roof, but it seems to work.

9:21 PM  

Heya! That was interesting. I had kinda heard about stuff like that before. I wonder what the explanation is for why dolphines should speed recovery...

Along similar lines, there are also quite a few published studied giving evidence for how dogs have detected tumous and cancer growing in their owners that the owners didnt know about!

thanks for posting it!


12:33 PM  

You *have* a life, Carmel!
It's beautiful!





2 q's and a z..

3:44 PM  

Patrick, thank you! That was a very sweet thing to write.

loqzqu - Love it

6:38 PM  

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