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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

This morning I received some thanksgiving greetings, thanks to all, it was a nice way to start my morning, even though we do not celebrate it here in Australia, I have celebrated it overseas before, and I think it's a great time to think about the positives and things that we should be thankful for in our lives, like our health, family etc.
So this is my "happy thanksgiving" greeting back to all of you.

posted by Grace B at 2:05 PM


Happy Thanksgiving to you too Carmel!

5:11 PM  

You don't know what you are missing. You have to love any holiday where gluttony is considered a positive.

5:14 PM  

Thanks St.Peter's, I hope yours is a good one, as well as yours Cubicle Reverand. Even if it's a day all can make pigs of themselves, I hope they are thankful in return. :D

7:24 PM

How is it on the Middle Earth one I'm old, but on my real age I'm young?

8:26 AM  

Ha! Good question.
Middle earth was a nice quiz.

1:13 PM  

Happy Thanksgiving, Carmel! I kept meaning to post to you about your traditions regarding the holiday. I think Canada celebrtate Thanksgiving, but earlier in the season. So you all don't have anything similar there?

8:20 AM  

I recently learned about Canada having Thanksgiving a day before the US. Unfortunately we don't have anything like thanksgiving here or simmilar :(

12:38 PM  

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