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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I confess

I have been tagged again! Yes again, this time by the future doctor Antonia!! I have had some fun with these lately.

So I should get confessing....

I confess that I love buying shoes, I could be called a shoeaholic!

I confess that when I am the Church reader, I sit as close to the front as possible so I don't have to walk by all the people.

I confess that I let my cat control me and she is the boss and owner, not me

I confess that I am fussy with my hair

I confess that I think Jonathan is the most gorgeous man on earth

I confess that I vacuum around my windows

I confess that I cannot park in tight car parks (like Antonia)

I confess that I have been very overcome by road rage

I confess that I love French perfume and body lotions, I wear them every day

I confess that I have a serious lip balm addiction

I confess that I am going to travel to the USA very soon

I confess to being afraid of my fiance's family cat "Two" when she growls (but I love her)

I confess that I love wearing flannel pajamas in winter

I confess that I take too long in the shower

I confess that I like to be given communion by the priest, rather than the lay person.

I confess that I love the smell of incense at mass, even if it makes me feel like choking sometimes.

I confess that I read lots and lots of blogs, it's my hobby.

I confess that at 12yo I stole my dads cigarette and smoked it and felt unwell

I confess that I also stole my dads whiskey when I was 10 and had a shot before breakfast, to which I also felt very unwell and never did it again.

That's enough! Those are a lot of confessions, you must feel like you know me pretty well :D
I am going to tag only one person for this Stef I will be checking on you to see if you will confess!
I am only tagging one person because I tagged a lot of you already with previous meme's, I want to be kind :)

posted by Grace B at 3:12 PM


Wow, both cigarettes and whiskey!! Must've been puking like crazy. Where in the US are you coming?

4:27 PM  

I was a terrible child, poor parents! Both times I felt ill and had to go to bed for a few hours heheheee.
I am visiting Ohio, hopefully next month after Christmas! whoo hooo, very excited about that :D

5:47 PM  

Of all the places you can pick to visit in the USA and you pick Ohio? And you are excited about it? Ok.

If it makes you feel any better when I was in Highschool I got so drunk on my parents liquor cabinet they thought I had a seizure.

7:14 PM  

Wow, wonderful confessions Carmel. I think confessing to one another (but not overlooking the necessity of the Sacrament of Confession) is something good. I heard somewhere that contemplatives have to confess their sins in front of their community... to progress in the virtue of humility. Wow, I don't think I can do that. I'd be hiding behind the bushes. hee! hee!

7:22 PM  

Wouldn't we all though? The way things are we'd probably be kicked out by actually admitting we are sinners.

7:47 PM  

A seizure! The things we do :D
confessing some of my sins in front of the community would have me hiding in the bushes too, and I probably would never come out!

8:14 PM  

Oh I almost forgot, and it's nice to know that i'm not the only one who got into the parents alchohol!

8:27 PM  

I think everyone has at one point.

8:14 AM  

These confessions make you more likeable Carmel!

7:08 PM  

*Blushing....I try ;)

1:39 AM  

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