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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ahhh Cats

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This morning my cat decided to destroy some furniture, grrrr! I don't know why she chose my newest and most expensive item. I still love her though...

posted by Grace B at 4:52 PM


cats... I swear... wouldn't you rather have a cute little cuddley dog? They come when you call them, do not destroy anything if trained right, well they are trainable period... and always happy to see you. LOL, but to each his own, they are funny creatures sometimes.

10:31 AM  

I've come to like cats. They are so different than dogs and having had so many dogs during my childhood, I naturally gravitate toward them. But cats have their special character that one can grow to like. My parish priest has a cat that is so lovable that I'm tempted to take him home.

11:14 AM  

I love cats, dogs, fish, mice, birds, you name it, if it's an animal I'll love it! Oh did I mention squirrels? Those adorable fluffy and not fluffy creatures make my heart melt!
Sprite, Draco is cute too!
St.P's In my family we always had a cat and a dog, I was the only cat lover so the pet cat was always mine and of course loved me the best :D

12:37 PM  

That's so cute!

1:29 AM  

Well it is not us that own the cat but the cat that owns us(and the furniture):)Though they are cute!!Though who could resist there lovely eyes.

9:34 PM  

Yeah, my cat owns me, good point and they do have "love me" eyes too! :D

9:40 PM  

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