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Sunday, November 27, 2005

The death penalty

"Condemned drugs smuggler Nguyen Tuong Van has accepted his fate and is ready to die," his lawyer says.

"He's composed and has accepted the fact that it's quite likely he'll be put to death," lawyer Julian McMahon told Today.

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Nguyen was arrested in Singapore carrying almost 400 grams of heroin in late 2002.

The death penalty is something I don't agree with, under no circumstances. Everyone has their own view on this with good argument of course, but I feel that it's a penalty that the family members of the criminal/s are the ones that really get to suffer the most and for a longer period.

I have been following the case of convicted drug smuggler "Nguyen Tuong Van" for the last few weeks, and have felt so much remorse for his mother and twin brother.
I have read about how his Mother and twin brother said their last goodbyes to him recently, you could only imagine how difficult that would be for a parent.
I do realize the extent of damage that heroin causes in society, and I do not think it should be taken lightly in any case, however, I find the punishment of death very wrong.

Singapore's laws are that all drug smugglers recieve the dealth penalty by hanging

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The Singaporean government's argument for the death penalty is that it prevents drugs from being sold on the streets of Singapore. The trouble with this argument is that this drug smuggler was not desined for the streets of Singapore; he was in transit through the airport on the way to Australia. I could accept Singapore executing people who left the airport and actually brought the drugs to Singapore as their final destination, but there is no justification for executing people whoa re simply transiting through Singapore.

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Once the state decides who can live and who can die on the most arbitrary of bases (just think of mob hit man like Sammy Gravano - John Gotti's right hand man - who killed over a dozen men and confessed to it. Did he get the death penalty? Heck no. He got to get a new life in the Witness Protection Agency. Yes he turned state's evidence. But was that justice? No. Either is most dealth penalty cases.

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Wow, they give the death penalty for smuggling drugs? It's amazing, it's so much harder to get the death penalty here in the US. It takes about 12 years or so of appeals to finally happen. And even then it is in extreme cases.

7:58 AM  

in aggregate, the death penalty isn't the worst thing ever. on the individual level, it's horrific. my problem with the war on drugs is that those fighting it are taking action against the wrong element. to stop drug use, you have to knock out the demand, not the supply.

6:41 PM  

Yes I think that the death penalty is not going to stop the drug market or the drug demand, it's definetly not the answer.
We do not have the death penalty in Australia and hope it stays that way.

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Australia was origionally a prison colonly.

Irony part deux:

who were the prisoners? Irish who may have stolen an Apple to feed their starving families during the potato famine.

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I totally agree that the death penalty is not the right solution to stop drug smuggeling. What is his death worth? He leaves behind a suffering family and now other people will carry the heroine to the demanders. If you want to sentence the person who did something wrong, you better lock him up in prison where he can suffer and think about what he did wrong. In the case of death penalty, innocent people suffer the most.

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Let us pray the Divine Mercy chaplet for Mr. Nguyen Tuong Van. We must be promoters and cooperators of the Mercy of God.

11:10 AM  

Thank you for your suggestion! I think it's a great idea. I will do that today in my prayer time. I feel so much sadness for everyone involved in this, our newspapers are full information regarding Nguyen's last meal today and such.
Nguyen has found his faith in God which has to be a comfort for all his family i'm sure.
Again, thanks for the link!

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