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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Warning! I'm bored post.....

A few years ago I joined up with frequent flyer program, I figured that I have traveled so much I should get rewarded some how, I mean flights don't come cheap.
Now I'm really excited because my faithful travel with a particular airline has finally awarded me a free round trip INTERNATIONAL flight, I think that's awesome...Conditions apply of course but so far what I have looked into isn't so bad, and yes I have traveled thousands upon thousands of miles, I think since I joined I have flown 70thousand miles in the past 2 years, more if you count other airlines.
I have been in all kinds of airport strife too, like spending the night in Washington Dulles airport thanks to some hurricane this year. But I'm resilient, ok to a point!
I had to sleep on some chairs, one I noticed had tomato sauce stuck on it eww, I'm used to hotels!! I do find my emotions get messed up at the time of flight delays and I have to make a trip to the bathroom and cry it all out lol, but hey that's just me.
During my second trip overseas, I got stuck in LAX airport all day, I was tired from a 14hour flight and not in my right mind. This poor guy that I had sat next to from Australia came over to me and asked me something (who can remember what it was, I was tired!) and that's it, the waterworks came on and I cried right in front of him, he looked so worried :) Then that caused 2 others to come over and ask me if I was ok and even went as far as buying me a beer hahaha. It's ok I didn't go off with strangers it was all there at the airport, besides they were in the same boat as I was. This led to me meeting 2 Americans and the delay didn't seem as bad, still, it was bad enough.
I keep a little travel diary with me when I go away, it's full of these stories.
My favorite airport delay was when I got stuck in San Francisco, I got to spend a night and day there in a gorgeous hotel, I was on my own but still managed to have myself a blast, I took the train to the city and WOW, it's gorgeous. I want to go back there some day.
That's all from me, I have a few more things to say but this post is so long! Ta ta :)

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wow! You sound like a very very frequent flier! Where do you normally fly to? From what I have managed to piece together in the short time I have been reading your blog Jonathen lives in America right? How often do you guys get to see each other? What will the living arrangements be once you are married?
I'm used to be a frequent flier when my family lived in Saudi Arabia, but now I just fly the 1.5hrs to Italy and back every summer...which is probably a good thing as I really don't like long flights!
I too have slept in an airport; I wish it was on the luxury of an airport chair with tomatoe stains...I had to sleep on the floor (on a roll mat)!!. It was the night after the vigil at World Youth Day this summer, and we had no choice but to get to the airport the night before and spend the night there!

Where are you going to go using your well-earned free flight?!


3:00 AM  

whoops, sorry I just realised reading it back that I spelt 'Jonathan' wrong! sorry! :-)

3:03 AM  

Hey Antonia!
It's great that you got to go to World youth day! I bet you had a great time. Oh you know what it's like to sleep in an airport then, I just hope that never happens again! That's ok about spelling Jonathan's name like that, i'm sure he wont mind ;)
We have got to see each other more often than we thought,lately I think it's been anywhere from 5months apart, sometimes 6, sometimes 3 or 4months apart, in the time we have been together.
Im going to use this flight for the USA!
When we get married we will be living in the USA.
wow you have been to Saudi arabia,I would love to go there, I actually caught that on your blog.
Take care!

2:21 PM  

Wow Carmel, these are some very impressive emotions that u share with us! And it feels so common...the first time I arrived in Sydney I was all confused, my mind was going crazy I needed sleep and I did not even manage to eat something at Burger King( which is a big surprise!!!). I locked myself on their toilet and cried my heart out.
Well, if I think about it, must have been because I was homesick, the first time away from home for 6 months and I was only 19!!! I felt terrible. After some sleep the world looked better though.

1:59 PM  

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