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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Van Tuong Nguyen

A candle for Van Tuong Nguyen .

He was executed today by hanging and I don't believe that will stop drug trafficking crimes.

You can
Say a prayer and light a candle for any reason, I thought it was a nice site

Nguyen offers his soul to God
posted by Grace B at 5:02 PM


This is so sad. I pray that he shall receive his eternal reward. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

11:06 PM  

Van Tuong Nguyen Twin brother should be charged with causing the death of his brother, knowing very well what is brother was up too.

The Police should seek insight to this as Van Tuong Nguyen would not of been executed today.

12:49 AM  

we fully support the hanging, this will stop drug trafficking ... HANG ALL DRUG DEALER AND KILLER!! :(

4:54 AM  

and besides yours i lay my candle.

6:21 AM  

God bless you for allowing one to stop by, reflect and light a candle. I knew Van when he was a baby at the time he had first arrived in Australia. It has been a very painful journey. I am close with an aunt of his .... this tragedy leaves her cursed for the rest of her life. God bless all who reach out with compassion to Van and his loved one's...and to those of you who are satisfied that he be murdered.....God have mercy on you.

10:10 AM  

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