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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Testing my patience

I have had a huge day, full of appointments, driving here there and everywhere! I drove through a pretty full on storm for one appointment and I think I have used about 40dollars in fuel for my car!
Tonight I attended a Christmas event, in which I sat on a table with some people I didn't know except for a couple I did know.
Well this old guy and his wife were next to me. Dinner time rolled around and I was trying to eat some chicken, I was hungry and what do I hear this old man tell his wife???? Something like this: "oh love, this is better than eating old chicken corpses, imagine the smell of those, I remember back in .......blah blah blah...We were given chicken with the feathers still on it, and it had a bad smell, hahahaha" Right, that did it I felt like saying "where do you want me to shove this chicken?"
I felt sick, and I still feel sick.
I also had a little disagreement with my mum, I love her a lot but sometimes we just get a little annoyed with each other I guess, I should apologize for getting narky.
Also my sister wrote her b/fs name on this keyboard im using grrrr. BTW she is not a teenager! (I love her)
So im coming down with something I think, who's gonna cook me some chicken soup? Actually.... leave out the chicken.
My patience is being tested, breathe Carmel breathe...
Im going to go to bed now and think of a deep blue calm ocean
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Well, Carmel, you're not alone. I've had a cold the past few days and a huge headache last night. I had to gulp down a big mug of Theraflu and each gulp made me sicker so I had an idea. Each gulp I would offer to Jesus for conversion of a soul of His choice.

Anyway, now I'm having chicken soup (sorry I know it's not your favorite subject right now) and will be gulping down more cold medicine... yuck! :(

It was freezing cold in Church on Sunday and people were complaining about it during the mass!!! My blood was boiling and wanted to yell at these people but I had to restrain myself from blowing up. Plus I was already feeling lousy. I'll tell more in my blog.

A test of patience may sometimes be good excercise for the soul especially this time of Advent. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I hope you're feeling better. :)

11:17 AM  

St.P's, Ohhhh i'm sorry that you have been feeling unwell too :(
That is such a sweet idea about the gulp's of medicine you offered,I hope that helped too!
It's ok about the chicken soup, i'm over it this morning after some sleep.
I also had people talking during a speech that night which I almost shushed but I kept cool lol.
Yeah I too think that keeping your patience and not losing it is very good exercise for the soul, otherwise us lovely folk would be blowing up all the time!
I hope you get better soon too.

1:41 PM  

Oh Carmel, I'm so sorry you had a rough day like that! I hope that tomorrow will be a much better day (perhaps full of rest) to make up for today.

Thinking of you in my little nightime prayers.

7:29 PM  

I'll email you some chicken soup!


8:02 PM  

Marie Linda! You are back whoo hoo, I have been checkin ya know.
Thanks for the precious prayers xx

Patrick, I can always count on you!


11:16 PM  

Was today better?

8:45 AM  

Thanks Carmel. I hope you're better today.

10:37 AM  

I will keep you in my prayers St.P's and hope that you are better now.

Yes Thomas, thank you today is much better :D

1:21 PM  

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