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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Contemplation for this week.

Mass this Sunday was beautiful. I love this time of year in the Church. Last week my priest asked us to examine our conscience about the things that keep us from being better people.
I had a big list, but I found that writing it down really inspired me to become a better person.
Things that I didn't normally think about , became more apparent to me the more I wrote.
Also this past week, some of us could choose a ticket from the Christmas tree in Church with a poor child or adults, sex and age written on it, and we were to go out and buy them a present, I thought that was a beautiful thought so I did it, I just made sure that I did not choose a teenager as I find them difficult to buy for.
So on Sunday we put our gifts under the tree, it made me feel really good actually, not because "I" did something, but because someone is going to get a present, who normally would not.
I'm also loving the candle lighting and prayers to do with the Advent wreath, mine looks a bit funny but it's still a wreath, I love the old traditions and try to keep them alive, besides I love candles too!
I'm certainly going to attempt being a better person and to stop thinking of myself most of the time. xxx
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that is such a wonderful post! It made me so happy to read! That present-buying scheme at your church sounds like a lovely idea!
I also know what you mean about the list; it may sound silly, but before going to confession I always write a list of the stuff I need to confess....and that inspires me to be a better person and to overcome what's on the list. (after each confession I then rip up the list into tiny's great fun!)
God Bless you!!

2:55 AM  

I am curious. When you light a candle to pray, why do you do it? What is the signifigance of lighting the candle?

5:49 AM  

Advent is such a wonderful time to the year! Sunday readings are wonderful. It is the time to "groom" onself to get ready for Baby Jesus. It is rich with tradition - confession, alms-giving, Advent wreath and candles which you have experienced!

6:38 AM  

Antonia, I do that too on paper and then rip it so no one can ever see it! lol.
Im glad you liked this.

St.P's yes it was a wonderful season last year and it's been good again this year, it's my fave part of the year.

Cubicle Rev. Personally I light candles when I pray, not all the time but most of the time. It's to firstly create a mood for me and I feel a peaceful mood with candles in any environment.
Then to me it represents the light of Jesus in the world, so it's more to create at atmosphere for me to pray.
Now with the Advent wreath, that's a different story. It's quite a long story but it goes back to the folk practices of the pre-Christian Germanic people. In their cold decembers, they would gather greens and light fires as a sign of hope of the spring to come. Then in the 16th century Catholic and protestant's kept this tradition alive to celebrate their Advent hope in Christ, who is the everlasting "light" (so you see where the candles come in to fit here) then it spread accross the world. I think it's a neat tradition and I like to use it. :)

2:33 PM  

Hey Carmel!
I've been really busy lately, so I'm just catching up on your blog...but I wanted to tell you that I think this Sunday's reflection from your priest was quite good. I had a very similar one to yours from mine as well...

I also wanted to add that, while we are making ourselves ready for the Lord, you are also perfect the way you are (yes, you Carmel)! The point, I think, is not to ever become idle in our faith, but to continually rediscover it.

Peace and blessings!

7:24 PM  

marie linda thank you! That is a special thing to say!
I'm glad you are back and out of the lab :)

11:18 PM  

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