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Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Ballet

Tonight we went to watch "The Nutcracker" ballet, it was pretty good and so very French! I loved it.
I knew 2 of the dancers personally and didn't recognize them until someone pointed them out!
They had wee little girls who danced so cute, they were adorable.
After the Ballet we watched some contemporary dancing, it was awesome, they had a super hero theme too, with Batman and all, my favorite was the cat woman theme, there were girls dressed as catwoman, and well I do love cats! I want a catwoman costume too! Not that I would wear it anywhere I just want one just because :D
The dancers were great and we all had a good time.
I didn't have time for dinner before the night, so by the time it was all over I had to zap into McDonalds, which we call McChucks in Australia lol
I'm glad to be home, my bed is waiting....

Thanks Jazzy for letting me know it was on!
posted by Grace B at 3:51 AM


I went to the nutcracker when I was but a child! It was magical as it unfolded before my eyes. Fond memories!

5:40 AM  

Oh I'm glad you saw it Carmel, isn't the music wonderful and the different dances so imaginative? God bless Tschaikovisky.

I just watched my niece's Nutcracker performance. Every year we get to watch her perform a different, more important role. I never get tired of watching it.

9:58 AM  

Same here Sprite, I watched it when I was in 3rd grade I think. I wanted to be a ballet dancer but mum made me go to other lessons.

St.P's Yes that music really made the whole ballet, I need to go to France now ;)
It's wonderful watching someone you know perform im sure. My dentist goes to Viena every year to watch the nutcracker there. :D

7:03 PM  

Oh, I love the nutcracker! Its a great "motivation" CD, IMO. Pop it in the CD player and get out the dust rag! Just makes you want to dance around the room!

4:42 AM  

Oh yeah 4HC it's great music

1:32 AM  

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