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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Blog roll call high over due

I have seen this blog roll type thing on other blogs before and I wanted to do one too.
I will not mention all of my link list because some of them I haven't come to know as much as these folks.
In no particular order:

Marie-Linda, (Peace be the journey) I first came across M/L when I was new to the blog world, I can't remember if I came to her blog first or vice versa, but I find her to be so sweet and I love reading her blog. What she writes (and her mother Samia) has been an inspiration to me and my faith. A very special girl, who spends her time in labs :)

Antonia,(Antonias world) I haven't known her for very long at all but found her through St.Peter's helpers, her blog became addictive, I love hearing of her wedding plans and her studies to become a doctor, she is a special girl.

Jonathan, (Ancient future Catholic musings) I didn't come across Jonathan in the blog world so because he has a blog he is to be mentioned in my blog roll call :) He is my fiance and I love him as you would rightly suspect.
His blog is very inspirational, I have learned many things from his blog,(not mentioning what I have learned from him in person) especially where the Church is concerned. I enjoy the way he expresses himself and is of course a one of a kind type of person, his heart shows through his writings and I love it. Blog aside, he is the most generous and loving man I have met, and of course I have to give him credit for loving someone like me.

Jose (consistent inconsistencies) I haven't been reading Jose's blog for longer than a few weeks, I found him through The cubicle reverends blog. I like his honesty and like hearing what he thinks in many areas. I think he is a great person and a very devoted Christian man.

Patrick, (E-fishinsea) when I found his blog I instantly liked him and was addicted from then til now. Not only is he funny but a very intelligent man. He has been a great friend to me and I hope that I have done the same in return. His heart is beautiful and that's what I noticed first off and it shows all the time. You will never come across anyone like him. He has been a bit of a light too. I would call him the golden soul if he knew what one was. He likes blue. I'm waiting for a company to make Patrick dolls actually.

Sprite,(Thoughts of a Sprite) not only has she the best looking blog in history, but she is so cute and funny! With a serious twist of course, it's not all about cute and funny but about her life. And what a life! Her heart is expressed through her writing too, she's like a little earthy angel, every time I read her blog I feel much better than I did before clicking. She also has wrestled with an aligator! She's beautiful.

Stef, (Miracle drug) Steffy is my German friend, we lived together for a couple of months, I can't remember how many exact months. We had so much fun together, staying up late and making no sense to each other, we worked out that I was crazy and she was a Kuttel, I'm not telling you what that means in German. Oh this is about her blog right? OK, well her blog lets me find my friend, it reflects her personality really well, she is a very smart girl and will be a great teacher. She is beautiful too, a salesman tried to pick her up at my front door, he was besotted.

St.Peter's helpers, this is a blog of lay people dedicating themselves to this blog. I don't know which one of them it is but I think St.P's is so very special. I have never been able to understand some things about the Catholic Church the way I do when I read this blog. It makes me feel awakened to what a great Church I belong to. I also think harder about my actions after some of those awesome posts. Keep it up!

The Cubicle Reverend, I have not known his blogginess for long, about the same time as Jose, he is very witty this guy, creative and funny too , he is a very good person I can tell and is popular in the blog world because of his personality. Another intelligent man. I also got called the Queen of Australia on his blog and that's a plus.

David, (post protestant thoughts) His honesty blows me away! What he thinks he just comes out and says it!! That's what I first liked about his blog. He is not only a very nice and friendly man but a good Christian who does not pretend to have everything together. I have come across Christians who feel that they cannot be honest in fear of something (don't know what) but David shows me through his writings that I can just be me.

Jack B. (idle mendacity) I don't remember how I came across Jack, but I love his blog, his personality and his intelligence. He also has a good looking blog and I find a lot of honesty in him too.

Dymphna's well, I don't know her well but I love her blog, she has a great personality that reflects through what she writes. Her faith is very inspiring and I don't say that lightly.
I often find something to comment about on her blog.

Santa (Santas Darium Ecclesiasticum) I miss Santa, he hasn't blogged in a while, he is busy surfing, he is a great guy.

David B. (Aid to memory) Great way of explaining on his blog, I enjoy reading when I get the chance, Jonathans brother. In person he can make me laugh and is a very nice person.

Jennifer (Totus Tuus) Great blog, I like how she can be herself, I met her in person too, and found her to be a very beautiful person. I hope to see her again soon!

I haven't got you all listed but that's because I don't know absolutely everyone on my links, enough to comment too much on their personality. But I love your blogs or I wouldn't link there.

posted by Grace B at 8:26 PM


Carmel (Winterr's Words), you are a wonderful person! Just reading your comments about your blogger friends show us how you are so very special too, as you are honest, kind and very generous. The Catholic blogworld is blessed to have you around. St. Pete's is ever grateful for your generous visits and comments. God bless you always!

10:09 PM  

Hey my Aussie friend! Thank you so much for your comments on your blog. I so had to smile when I read about our craziness. And you mentioned Nick!!! Hahahaha. I am so happy that I could get to know you in those 3 months, my Aussie friend! :)

1:01 AM  


So, I couldn't help but notice you called me a man. I'm no man. I'm a boy forever! A golden boy? Who's gonna tell me what it means?

3 cheers for Carmel!
3... THOUSAND, that is..



3:54 PM  

awww shucks, thanks for saying those kinds words. And you are the queen of australia in the Cube Head world.

7:58 PM  

I love your blog too, Carmel and I always look forward to your comments.

9:15 PM  

awww! Carmel! that's so sweet of you! Your blog is likewise addictive! You always leave lovely comments & I have been very greatful to have met you! -x-

12:49 AM  

Thank you so much, Carmel! I love your name, I love your blog, and you are the first person from Australia that I know.

God Bless!

1:46 PM  

well aren't you just the great encourager?

praise God for people like you.

9:06 AM  

*blushes* Carmel, I always love checking my email, and seeing that you have left a comment. They always seem from the heart. Your blog is not just addictively entertaining, but also educational! *hugs* I hope one day we can meet in real time!

9:49 AM  

Dear Carmel,
You are such a sweetheart!!! I love visiting your blog too! You are just simple and true, and your heart shining is wonderful to *read*! Thank you!
By the way, you visited my blog first (also just at the beginning), and I came to visit you later. So, YOU STARTED IT! : )

7:40 PM  

Oh yeah...and thanks for helping me to get to know other wonderful bloggers!

7:41 PM  

I had no idea that telling people what I like about them would leave me with such beautiful comments!
I suppose that goes with "giving is recieving".
Thanks everyone for those gorgeous comments.
Oh yeah Spritey I hope so too!! I will be livin in the USA someday so ya never know!

2:23 AM  

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