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Saturday, December 10, 2005

So I pray!

You probably knew that already. And if you didn't well don't be too shocked....I forgot to link to some Christmas prayers from
Church so if you wanna see you know where to go.
Hard to believe it's almost the 3rd week of Advent right?

I went to a friends Christmas party tonight, had a great time, ate, drank, wore a santa hat (had to) and took a photo of a baby dressed as an elf. Cute.
So my Aunt saw me, she thinks I look tired and need more meat on my bones... Thanks Aunt M. :(
Yeah I love her too.

posted by Grace B at 3:41 AM


wow, those are some really beautiful prayers!! -x-
ps- my Aunt always says the opposite..."hmm, you could do with losing a bit of weight from your hips/face/legs etc"!!

4:12 AM  

I'm glad you liked them! Jonathan and his brother own that site.
Oh your Aunt too! It must be an Italian thing for Aunts to do.
:) glad we dont listen

7:03 PM  

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