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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

One beautiful year!

Yesterday was mine and Jonathan's one year engagement anniversary! He proposed to me in the most perfect way that you could for me!
I can't wait to let you know of a wedding date.

posted by Grace B at 4:57 PM


Congratulations Carmel and Jonathan! May God bless your hearts (soon to be one) always!

7:35 PM  

Carmel and Jonathan, happy anniversary on your engagement! We await the blessed day.

10:22 PM  

Thanx so much to both of you XXXX

11:06 PM  

aww! Congratulations! I am so happy for you! May you both be kept close to Mary's Immaculate heart! God is so good! lotsa love, -x-x-

12:57 AM  

Happy anniversary!

6:09 AM  

Awwwwww! Congrats, and happy anniversary! I am so very excited for both of you!

6:55 AM  

Congrats to you both! May there be many more!

10:44 AM  

time really does fly . . . i remember when you announced your engagement . . . wow that really was like yesterday! congrats to both of you . . .

12:05 PM  

mucho congratulations to you oh queen of winterr...

and its my run to do this and i'm actually very curious about your response sooooo....

Ok Reverend... my turn:

TAG - You are it!!!

1:47 PM  

Thank you to everyone, I am blessed and very lucky to read your comments which mean alot. :D

6:54 PM  

late but sweet: congratulations to both of you also from my side!

1:02 PM  

late is still very sweet! Thanx xxx

1:32 PM  

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