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Friday, December 16, 2005

More cat , but not only

I had to post it, I just can't stop catting Posted by Picasa

I recently read about someone who was suspended from school for speaking spanish!
I think that's a little way over the top, or WAY over the top.
I read it from Jose' s blog (sorry I can't do the hyphen on top of the E, if anyone knows how let me know too!) and the post is here

Also there is an Advent/Christmas novena that i'm doing from St.Peter's helpers so if you are interested in doing it too, go ahead!

Check out Jack's
Even mice need a little B16 it's cute.
posted by Grace B at 4:13 PM


"José" - to place the accent mark via a Mac, you type Jos and than OPTION KEY and key board "E" at the same time which gives you the accent ´ and than you type the "e" in José - magically the letter "e" goes under the accent mark.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Yes, she is beautiful and so is the song :-) To here that song go to:

it's beautiful.

By the way, when I was in grade school in Texas many years ago, we were forbidden from speaking Spanish anywere on the school grounds. Violating that rule was met with corporal punishment. Things haven't changed much...sadness.

I hope you enjoyed the song. Please also try:'s a killer song! Have a great weekend.


10:45 PM  

Jaime thank you! I have always wanted to do that!!
Thanx for the song link too!
It's a shame about the language thing, it's really sad. I would like to think all people can speak their language whenever they feel like it.

2:32 AM  

Outrage! Speaking another language in school and getting suspended? What a load of crap!

I've never been a cat person you know, but I got a kitten a 2 weeks ago and I named him Thomas Anderson and he's the sweetest little thing ever! He's not even 7 weeks old yet. :)

Take care,
God Bless you!

6:19 AM  

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