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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas, Christmas

Christmas season is almost upon us. December 25th! Of course we commemorate the birth of Jesus. Now the very exact date of Jesus birth is not known and historians place is birth somewhere between 7BC and 2BC.
What are your traditions for Christmas? Do you put up a tree? Lights? Go to Church? Does your family get together? Sometimes Christmas can be stressful because of the gift giving. It's always that time of year when you need to get into the shopping crowds, spend money. Some people get depressed if they are going through a hard time at this part of the year. We can lose focus on what Christmas truly is.

Per your request Heather Posted by Picasa

This is me at Christmas, eating dessert, I requested that Heather show her Italian bracelet which you can see here and she requested that I show a photo of a dress I bought a while back, which I wore at Christmas,Sorry H it's not a proper dress pose :) I hate to post me eating but there are not many photos of me at Christmas and I don't like em either. But none the less its DONE, and we were good sports for it.
I hope all had a great Christmas day!

Oh and look what happened to my first gingerbread house! The icing got too runny and the sweets got half eaten before I could take the photo. It was my first time so I guess runny icing isn't too bad.

My priest got unwell during the Christmas eve mass, an ambulance had to be called and he is in hospital with none of us allowed to visit. He has emphysema and got pneumonia. Only last year my other priest got unwell, right when I came back to the Church, I hope that he will be better soon and that when we comes back he can feel appreciated more, by reading our newsletter every Sunday I get the impression that he is under pressure. But our Sunday morning service went well and I got such a beautiful fatherly Christmas greeting from the priest that took over, it was so fatherly and that's really a special thing when the fathers of the Church can be like fathers to people who need that. I really appreciate what they do.
posted by Grace B at 8:33 PM


Oh dear. Your poor priest! He doesn't sound too good. I will remember him in my prayers. Emphysema isn't very nice (and neither is pneumonia).
I like your dress; very pretty! Glad to hear you had a great day!

4:52 AM  

I just said a prayer for your Priest Carmel.I'm so glad you had a great Xmas & I love the photo!!! :) Your gingerbread house is great! I'd eat it. :)


5:09 AM  

I love the dress, and they always catch me eating too! I hate that, but you make it look good anyhow!

The gingerbread house is awesome, that is one thing I have never done.

Carmel I did not know you had a daughter! I was shocked when I read your comment on Selenas blog... a dog, a cat - I knew... how old is she?

I will keep your Priest, his parishiners and family in my prayers.

7:51 AM  

You look really beautiful in your picture... despite eating ;) hehe. I love your hair and your dress is very prettyful ^_^
I hope you had a good christmas and I'm very sorry about your priest. Of all times to get ill, that must be very upsetting.

9:08 AM  

Carmel, you look positively dashing in the dress. Also, your gingerbread doesn't look bad at all. I could never pull that off. My friend gave me gingerbread cookies for Christmas. They were delicious even when we messed up the icing.

I will pray for your priest. Christmas is definitely an overwhelming time for them. May He know the comfort, simplicity and healing of the Lord.

10:20 AM  

Carmel, rest assured of our prayers for your priest. Blessed Mother loves priests and She will be especially close to him.

Thank you for sharing a photo of Heather's gift. Buon Natale!

11:20 AM  

I'll keep your priest in my prayers.

By the way, real flattering picture of you stuffing food in your face. ;)

6:31 PM  

To everyone!
Thank you so much for your prayers, I heard that he will be out in a week, yay!
Thanks for the blush causing compliments too. Why do people always take my photo while im eating or doing something else that I don't wish to share on camera??

7:26 PM  

Love the gingerbread house! But I have to ask, is that *your* dessert? Or did you swipe it from someone. You look wary! :P


12:51 PM  

I didn't swipe the dessert, i'm innocent =D

3:30 PM  

Hey, I'm glad to hear your Priest is doing better! :)


4:39 PM  

Jess, I really appreciate your prayers for him, he has pneumonia in both lungs but according to my cousin he will be ok and out in a week. Power in prayer YAY, or YEY depending on your accent ;)

7:08 PM  

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