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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

some things I wanna post

I have heard about those oil prices rising in the USA! I guess prices have soared on many things all over the world including fuel, although I have noticed a slight drop in cost there, but still, it's high!
So whilst reading msn, I found
12 ways to fight soaring heat bills I read it and found it to be pretty wise and decided that I wanted to link on over, so..I did!
If it helps one cold American, then I have done my job ;)

One other thing I want to post is a link to a post from Dymphna's Well
Let go let God I needed to read this like you wouldn't know, I am really thankful to God when I find stuff that hits the spot on some things. Thanks 4hischurch too!
Here is something I stole from that post:

"Everyday is precious and life passes all too quickly. We must not allow yesterday to contaminate today. How sad it would be for us to miss today's beautiful sunshine, because we refuse to let go of yesterday's overcast skies. In Hebrew there is a saying, "Do not prolong the suffering beyond the time of pain."
posted by Grace B at 4:07 AM


I live in the Gippsland area and I noticed once I get to Pakenham, fuel jumps from like $1.21 a litre to $1.09, and if you use those coles or safeway docket thingos, its only then $1.05 which makes the world of difference!

It sucks that everything is going up :( I remember the days when my Mum was complaining about fuel hitting 60c a litre!! haha.

I'll check that link you posted too! :) Thanks!!!

Take care & Goodnight.

4:32 AM  

I don't know how much a litre is, but that sounds high. Sorry, in america we aren't metric. They tried, but it didn't stick. I just never turn up the heat in my house.

6:53 AM  

I like that Hebrew saying and do you know that I can actually write my first name in Hebrew? I learned it when I took a Jewish - course and visited the childrens department of the Jewish museum.

12:17 PM  

^^ I have a friend from Israel who taught me to write my name in Hebrew too... Hehe. Fun times! :D

3:15 PM  

Hmmm it seems a trent, now I want to know how to write MY name in Hebrew!!
Cube rev, I don't know how much a gallon is either so we are square. I think a litre is a lot more than a gallon but not sure how much more.

6:59 PM  

Thanks for the link, Carmel! My grandmother used to say, with all seriousness, "People don't know what to charge for things anymore." I find myself quoting her quite often these days!

6:00 AM  

I have heard that too 4HC!! lol. Oh and you're welcome for the link, I really found a lot in that post.

3:59 PM  

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