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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Your present

Some people want toolkits for Christmas, so to all you toolkit wanters my gift to you is this tool kit
The Augustine Club Apologetics Toolkit thank me later :D

Also, Heather posted some things that summed up her year whether major events or small, you can it find here

My version is here:
It's been a year filled with many different things , some great and some difficult, so the "good" things are that last December I got engaged while visiting Jonathan in the USA for Christmas.
January was busy and it's the busiest month of my year every year, it went on very busy until march, which then took me to another trip to the USA in April. That was another great experience that I'm thankful for.
I also was able to meet our new parish priest Fr.Pat who has really inspired me and helped my faith grow.
I also finished some studies in pathology type stuff, mainly blood and specimen collection which was a big challenge, I chose to do something that I never thought I could do but always wished I could, I felt like proving to myself that I could do anything I set my mind to, and I did it and have my lovely certificate, so yah I'm proud of myself ha.
Attending Pre-cana lessons this year with Jonathan was something that I will never forget, there were times we had to face each other and say things that were just so special, and we had our engagement blessed too.
Now I look forward to getting many things done next year, I have another overseas trip planned before I permanently move to the USA.
One really wonderful thing this month was that I tried on my wedding dress, wow I didn't expect it to be such an emotional experience, looking at myself in a mirror as a bride! It was indescribable.
Many memories over this last year have also included my family, just different everyday things.
I'm also thankful for my bad times, I know that I can take on all difficulties and find the strength that only comes from God to get through it, it is that strength that keeps me going through all life's hardships that have come and gone. I know that I did not face my trials alone and no one can tell me that is BS, well they can but I won't listen lol.
But I'm happy in general and really look forward to the new year, when I become Mrs. Jonathan!
posted by Grace B at 10:42 PM


I am so very excited for you! You have had a big year, and this coming year will be even bigger! where in the USA are you moving to? You will just have to vacation in Florida so we can meet!!!!!!!!! *hugs* when is the wedding? I can't wait to see pictures of you in your beautiful wedding gown! what colors are your brides maids dresses? Where will you be having the wedding? I am just full of questions.

My friend started a wedding blog to keep us all posted on her plans, it was a lot of fun. she posted pics of her dress options, and head dress options, brides maids dresses, and basically used it to help plan everything... something to consider anyhow!

5:22 AM  

Thank you for your "year-in-review", especially the blessing of your engagement. Yes, it is true that we have to give thanks also for tough times as they are God's way of strengthening us in faith.

God bless you!

8:13 AM  

Sprite, thanks for the idea's, that sounds pretty cool, we havent got a date yet, we just plan on the soonest time available next year. I would love to come to Florida some time and yes of course we can meet, it would be a pleasure!! We will be living in Ohio and will have the wedding there, I will make a website like your friends and will let you know the addy. I will have to make sure Jonathan doesnt see that because he isnt allowed to see my dress!! I will surely keep you updated!

St.P's helpers,
Thank you, I'm glad you liked it, so you are very welcome. You are right, "in all things give thanks" I love that verse.
Everyone goes through the bad times, it's just life, and we have to draw strength to deal with these things, move on and give thanks! lol

3:19 PM  

aww! Carmel! I could feel tears in my eyes when I read that post! *sniffs* It was just beautiful! Both the hard and the not-so-hard times are gifts from God to grow closer to Him.

You didn't tell me that you tried on your wedding dress!! *looks mock offended* :-) hehe! It is a pretty amazing feeling isnt it?! *grins* I am SO happy for you and very thankful you found my blog! Wow, Mrs. Jonathan! :-)


4:45 AM  

Happy New Year Carmel!
So happy for you and Jonathan... sending prayers and hugs!!

9:15 PM  

Thank you! I shall take those hugs and prayers, and send some back to you.
I always check your blog to see where you are up to in the next chapters of your life, all sounds good. Won't forget the lovely late night conversations we had when we should have been sleeping!

3:46 AM  

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