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Friday, December 30, 2005

Almost 2006!

It's new years eve here in Australia, I can't believe it! This year went so fast, in a way i'm glad because I want 2006 to get here because I have loads of important things to get done.
I have not stayed up for the count down in a few years but tonight I hope to, I am off to a new years eve party tonight and hope to stay awake til midnight! Scientists are giving us an extra second in 2005 for some reason to do with clocks or something, so enjoy your extra second!

Good posts of the day that I enjoyed a lot are as follows (like they say at the oscars!)

Jonathan's post on The Holy Family
and :
St.Peters helpers post on the same subject: The Holy Family: School of holiness

I found my favorite Holy Family picture on the net from I must have seen it before because it was like de ja vu of my grandmas house. It's the one I have pictured.
So to end this post I say "HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE"

posted by Grace B at 4:08 PM


I LOVE that picture!

6:35 PM  

Happy New Year to you!! Hope you are having a great time! Thanks for the fireworks!

6:43 PM  

It's lovely, although Joseph is getting ignored lol, just kidding he looks very in awe at the whole beautiful experience!

6:44 PM  

You are welcome 4HC!!! Btw even though I joked about Joseph this is my very favorite H/F photo

7:10 PM  

Hey have a great New Years Eve, Carmel!! :)

God Bless!

7:10 PM  

Happy New Year Carmel! May 2006 be for you and Jonathan a time of great joy!

9:17 PM  

Hello!!! Thanks so much for your comment! I'm always super excited to find new blogs and I appreciate all the cool links you've listed here. I hope you have a WONDERFUL new year and I'll certainly be checking back here often!

9:27 PM  

Happy! Happy New Year! Glad you happened upon my blog and that you liked the prayer by Clarissa Pinkola Este. I look forward to reading more of you in the year to come.

9:53 PM  

hey! Happy New Year!! I still have another 12hrs of 2005 left but I expect you will already be in the next year!

speak to you soon! and yes, 2006 will be a very exciting year!


3:58 AM  

happy new year my pazza friend! think it is already 2006 in Australia, here we still have mid day :) all the best for you in the new year and I hope you made it that u are still up ;)

5:19 AM  

Happy New Year, Carmel.

There are still 12 hours of 2005 to go as I'm typing this in New York. Hopefully 2006 won't go by as fast ;)

8:37 AM  

happy new year to you too sweety! (it has been 2 and a half hours 2006 now) whaha

5:37 PM  

Thanks to all!! :D)

1:18 AM  


don't let the koala's get ya. ^.~

7:00 AM  

Happy New Year Carmel :) It's coming up to the evening of New Years Day for me now. But I hope your party was good and you made it until midnight ;o) That is quite strange about the extra second. I wonder why lol.

7:46 AM  

Happy Be-lated New Year!!

We missed you today, but if the next 2 months go as fast as the last few have .. you'll be here tommorrow. :)

That is my favorite picture as well!

5:52 PM  

Thanks for the special thoughts and prayers Jennifer, see you "tommorow" :)

9:11 PM  

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