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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Angela Baird

Just recently I discussed a little about Angela Baird with St.Peters Helpers.
I wrote about her in one of my very early posts when I started blogging last year, but I have found that since then, I have seen more interest in her story.
The moments she spent suffering before her death touched me and I always think about her prayers when I pray about abortion issues.
Here is a link to a website that her family maintains, it also has the story of the day she fell and died. I would hope that you find this story as wonderfully astounding as I did.

An excerpt from the site:
"As she lay waiting and dying, Angela prayed for two intentions specifically; aborted babies and her dad. She did not complain of the pain, she merely prayed the Rosary and to her guardian angel. The students, rescue workers, and medical staff who were with Angela in her last hours all were amazed at her courage and peaceful demeanor, despite the pain from a broken back, pelvis, arm, two legs, and massive internal injuries and bleeding. As rumors came down from the mountain, that a student had fallen, students quickly filled up the school chapel in prayer. John Finley and Mark Kretschmer, upon hearing of the accident, climbed up the trail to Angela, bringing what medical supplies that were on hand at the campus."

The link is here:

In Eternal Memory of Angela Baird

posted by Grace B at 4:39 PM


hey carmel.

thats a sad excert.


7:53 PM  

oh wow! I have never heard about her before. I will have a look at the website.

As for the marriage EWTN talks... I downloaded Real Players to hear them.

I got mine from here:

If you click the link in the left hand column that says 'Download the free real player only' that should do it!

:-) happy listening!!


3:16 AM  

Hmm, that's something huh? I'm gonna check out the link as soon as I get off the phone... (I sit and surf the internet and read and reply to blogs while on the phone.... Wow, such an attentive friend!!! hahahaha)

3:27 AM

Here's the answers to your questions.

6:40 AM  

I know you are dying to ask more questions, so you have until 11:59 PM 12/31/2005 to ask.

12:40 PM  

That's an easy one. Ireland, I don't care where or how I get there, but I have to go. It's an Irish thing. A buddy of mine's been telling me about it for years so that's the first place I'm going when I can. Though I do want to go to Italy to see the other half of my culture.

Now I'll ask you the same question I asked Antonia:

If I come to Australia will you Jess, and Antonia show me a good time?

1:53 PM  

this gave me chills, I am not sure I would have found the inner strength that she did in the hour of death, in such pain... It gives a strong message of faith! Thanks for sharing!

5:51 AM  

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