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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Weird town names, a Shrine and a cow

I found this thanks to Samantha Burns
Weird town names some of them are pretty weird like "elephant butte" and "Pi Pi's river"
Check them out, hope you get a laugh.
Also Jonathan posted a great prayer and some neat photos of his visit to Our Lady of Consolation Shrine in Carey Ohio. The Christmas decorations are jaw dropping!
David and Jennifer also went.
I have visited there before and know what a special place it is.
You won't see the true beauty unless you click on the photos he took and enlarge them, I certainly got a surprise.

Also, look at this cow! I thought it was pretty cool, it is not real at all, but it looks like it has the world map on it

Ps: my cat just stood on my keyboard (just one paw) and the "lkk" is her little print on the screen, so let that be her message to the net world!!
posted by Grace B at 9:01 PM


Happy new year.

12:15 AM  

That cow is FANTASTIC! Haha what great links...thanks for the smile. Happy new year!!

11:42 AM  

same to you both! Glad you liked it Frankie, and you are welcome for the links

6:23 PM  

aww! That is SO cute about your little kitty cat! :-)
plus the cow is very funny! haha!

8:36 AM  

hello kitty kitty! Love the cow, and the links!!!

5:54 AM  

So "lkk" is cat-language, huh? Any idea what it could mean?

1:55 PM  

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