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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Lessons & Carols

Ancient & Future Catholics and ChurchYear.Net are promoting an online service of Lessons & Carols tommorow January 5th at 9.00pm EST. SO if you are interested, check out the bulletin.
It will be done on Paltalk which is an online discussion program.
To join in, go to Paltalks website, and download it and sign up with a handle if you don't have it already. You will need speakers on your PC to hear it.
At 9.00pm EST go to the Christianity rooms and look for "Catholics building bridges" join in this room. The service will occur live and they have invited all to participate in their homes at their computer.
If this sounds like something you will enjoy come on over! All are welcome. See you there!

posted by Grace B at 4:34 PM


Thats a really awesome idea :)

I might join in!

5:47 PM  

Or I might be way too late haha.

5:48 PM  

No you are not late, I will write to you soon and let you know the time translations. For Australians, it's 6th of Feb at 1pm EST.
I didnt think to post it, I will post an update soon too.
Me and Jonathan will be there!

5:52 PM  

I mean 6th of January for AUstralians!! not February, oops my bad.

6:05 PM  

I luv u'r smiley! He's adorable!
Sorry, I can't make it! Sounds great though.
I would love 2 b in Australia
right about NOW!

8:28 AM  

Aww! Starbender, thank you! He is a bit cute.
Australia is beautiful, but because of my fiance I would rather be in the USA, wanna swap places? :))

4:50 PM  

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