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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Just a post

I hope your 2006 has been going along nicely. Mine has been rather nice.
Lessons and Carols was a great service, it went along really nicely,and was a great way to end the 12 days of Christmas, I hope to see more.
Work shall be getting super busy for the next few months, but I don't mind because soon after that I shall be going to spend some time with
Jonathan, my next visit after this one will be for our wedding so that's going to be fantastic. No, we don't have a date yet, but shall be getting one organized as soon as possible.
That's all from me... here is a mouse that every woman would want:

posted by Grace B at 8:10 PM


I missed out on the Lessons and Carols today as I had to take my little puppy girl to her physician for a booster shot!

You must be so excited about going off to visit Jonathan! :)

And Omgoodness, that mouse!! haha I want one NOW!

11:06 PM  

I am totally excited for you, how is the planning going anyhow? any dress pics as of yet? :) Curious readers want to know!!!

This is a busy time at work for me too, so I feel you there. I have missed reading blogs, and updating, yours especially! I think I am all caught up in my reading now though.

7:01 AM  

Hey! What an invention for a woman! Where could I get one of those mice? ;)
I am a bit jealous reading that the picking time starts over there. It was so much fun to work there with family pazza. As you say, it is good that you will be kept busy, cos time will fly until you see Jonathan.
say hello to the pazza grapes!

9:34 AM  

Oh, I love that mouse, does it really exist? I bet it is even more expensive than an Ipod, which I can't afford either. And wow, you are getting married? How exciting that must be!!!

1:52 PM  

Glad you liked the mouse ladies!
Awww I bet puppy girl didnt like that!
Yes i'm very excited.
The planning is going slow at the moment but will speed up in no time, pictures of my dress will be shown! But nowhere that Jonathan can find them! I missed reading your blog too and am glad to see you back!
Yes you are missed, it would be nice to have you, but somehow I think Thailand will be much more fun!
I wish it were real, I don't think it is, also I still don't know what an ipod is lol.
Maybe one day they will sell make up mice! xxxx

4:35 PM  

hey Carmel (& Jonathan),
just wanted to apologise for not having come to Lessons & Carols. I was so disorganised that by the time I worked out the time difference, I had already missed it! Do let us know if you run another one!

3:26 AM  

Antonia, no need to apologise! We just thought that we would invite you along.
I have no idea with time differences, I posted the USA time, and then got mixed up with dates and all that, i'm terrible like that.
We also realise that this is a very busy time of the year too.
Yes i will surely put a post up when we have another one.
God bless you and happy Epiphany! x

1:07 PM  

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