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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

That face gets me!

I have to post my kitty cat again, she is just so cute. Today it was really hot and she was resting on some hard cold floor. She is Charlie and is also muh baby. I call her baibee.
Cal the wonderdog if you see this, be nice!

posted by Grace B at 1:38 AM


CHAAAARLIE, look at that cheeky cat! I wonder if bomb attack and fettarsch are still hanging out with Charlie ;)
Give her a cuddle xxx

6:10 AM  

awww, pretty kitty! I am not a huge cat fan, as I am allergic, but this one is very cute!

7:14 AM  

I think my cat
is nicer...

7:14 AM  

She is SO SO SO adorable! And I LOVE the name Charlie. Too cute. :)

7:51 AM  

Fettarsch and Bombattack do not visit anymore, which is good really no fleas!! I will give her a cuddle for you, even though when you were looking after her she was naughty ;)

SPrite, YOu are a doggy lover, I love them too, I pretty much like all animals. THanks she is a bit cute ya know, but she would make you sneeze, Jonathan is allergic too.

Polyman, we'll see about that! Thanks for stopping by too.

Thanks, I love her too, I couldnt resisit posting this pic. We orignially named her Charly bc we thought she was male, then when those two puffy bits of fur dissapeared we worked out she is a baby girl!

4:09 PM  

Carmel, lol... I named my little kitty Thomas Anderson and it turns out he is a she as well. :( I don't care. I told my Mum that it's going to grow up under the misapprehension that it's male. It's going to be called Thomas, and referred to as a He forever!

Charlie is so cute. :)

6:06 PM  

I love your cat!!!
We wanted to get an orange cat before we got Boussy!

8:59 PM  

your cat is adorable!

2:01 PM  

That is so funny! Love the name too! Those fluffy bits can be decieving.
Marie linda, I love Boussy! Saw the pic.
Glad you like Yara!!

11:13 PM  

Cal the Wonderdog is always nice. Don't worry! It is most certainly the nicest dog in town.

12:08 AM  

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