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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Are they racist?

I was reading an article about 13 year old twin singers, Lynx and Lamb (if my parents called me Lynx or Lamb i would not speak to them) from
Prussian Blue.
These girls wear tshirts with Aldolf Hitler smiley faces on them, and praised the Australian racist riots, they even dedicated a song to them.
Their mother says "I'm proud of my racist daughters" and that because of their beauty, it can be used to lead young American men into their society type thing.
They also state on their site that they are white and proud to be white, ok well it's good to be proud of your heritage, but if you read their lyrics, you will see that there is more to it than that.
They girls are quoted as saying : "We're proud of being white, we want to keep being white," said Lynx. "We want our people to stay white ,we don't want to just be, you know, a big muddle. We just want to preserve our race."

What message is that? To "preserve our race"?
It seems that this comes from their parents, since these girls are only 13years old.
apparentlyy they have been nurtured on racist beliefs since they were born.
Songs like "Sacrifice" a tribute to Nazi Rudolf Hess, clearly show the effect of the girls' upbringing. The lyrics praise Hess as a "man of peace who wouldn't give up."
The girls left this message to the Australian (riot) fighters, and I quote it from their blog
"Prussian Blue would like to salute our fellow White Patriots in Australia for their fighting spirit!!! We would like to dedicate the song Ocean of Warriors from our new CD to those of you down under ".
You can read it here

That is very heartbreaking to say the least.
posted by Grace B at 5:42 PM


Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. I am absolutely disgusted. I can't believe a parent would come up with something like that. No there is absolutely nothing at all wrong with being proud of your heritage, be it black, white, asian, arabic, european, whatever -- there is nothing wrong with that.

Worshipping Hitler, exalting Hitler and other racists or promoting any kinds of racism is DISGUSTING and repugnant and how can any parent let their children do that.

And the comment about their looks??? aahhhhhhhhhh...

I bet their mother is the type that is responsible for the misissippi burnings.

Omg. That seriously made me shudder... Yuck, yuck, yuck!

6:33 AM  

Wow, thats all I can say.

Just as a side note, im sure that some media or news channel will blame the children's actions on like video games, music, and movies. *sigh* I wish people would stop finding scapegoats for social problems. In this case, clearly the mother.

6:56 AM  

Their latest CD is called "The Path We Chose"

They chose that title to dispel the myth perpetrated by the Jew-controlled media that their mother is forcing these beliefs on them.

The so called "happy Hitler" T-shirts that they modeled for Aryan wear was done as sort of a joke to contrast the vilification of Hitler by the Jewish supremacists who use Hitler as a means to gain sympathy for Jews worldwide, and to milk reparations from countries where Jews claim to have been persecuted.

If you wish to visit the official Prussian Blue message board forum you may go to:

8:31 AM  

I sent those nasty little girls a message months ago when I saw them on a news program. Isn't it sad that they are so ignorant? They are from my state which boggles my mind because California is pretty liberal overall. They are scumbags. I don't want to stand next to them on judgement day!

10:41 AM  

it's surely something to be disgusted about, people like this think that white is better than black by what I have discovered.

Yeah I think that the media and so on are always blaming the wrong thing, games are fantasy, parental failures are reality.

I read your "Blacks and Niggers" post and wanted to cry, I can't believe you would find black people different to white.
But each to their own,thanks for the link to the girls and your comment though.

Oh yeah, it's terribly sad. I'm glad you sent your opinion to them.
I would hope that as they get older, maybe their views would change.

1:43 PM  

It is sad that parents rear their children in such foolish ways.
Life is a series of lessons!
2 bad they haven't learned any.

Off the beaten path:
I was reading u'r other blog the other day about ID (intellegent Design) I wanted 2 comment soooo bad, but I'm not on the team- :"[
anyhow---- If anyone want 2 look into this subject-it is amazing!
Anyone who can not see the impact on life here--just refuses 2 believe in a higher power.
Someone, or something CREATED US!!!

4:17 PM  

Hey starbender, I have got some letters about the God conference blog too. It did start on Johnny Dragons blog, I have him listed as "Dragon Revelations" in my links. He is welcoming any comments on his blog, which is where it all started, you will find the beginings of our debate on his most recent post I think.
So if nothing has changed I think you can add the comment there.
I didnt start God Conference, Patrick from "Infinigeist" did and asked me to contribute.
Glad you found it interesting!!! I would love to hear your comments and opinions.
If you want to comment on the "ID" in particular, Patrick may be the guy to ask. I would email him. BTW I loved the tribute to Mrs.Beach you did, it made me wanna have babies!

5:39 PM  

Damn, what a sad thing. . .

7:25 PM  

I love meeting chavs who try to say that the Holocaust didn't ever occur but it was just propaganda hahaha.

Man, that's sick.

11:48 PM  

I sent those nasty little girls a message months ago when I saw them on a news program. Isn't it sad that they are so ignorant?

They are ignorant, but you stoop to sending them nasty messages?

Sounds like you are the ignorant one.

Oh that's right. Sending nasty messages to 12 yo girls is really a very brave thing, isn't it? You are out a-changin' the world! ;)

8:06 AM  

Heartbreaking and terrifying. What's wrong with this world? How can there be so muc hate? There's a difference between being proud of who you are and hating anyone who's not like you... this gave me the chills.

8:16 AM  

*shakes head* It is hard to believe that in this day and age... did they never read the Diary of Anne Frank? Were they never exposed to concentration camp footage? Never required to read Dr. Martin Luther King's many speeches? It baffels me, it really does.

10:01 AM  

tuoni: hey's completely appropriate to stand up for what's right and send a message to girls who are 12. It was like I cussed at them or anything. I simply told them it was sad that they were so influenced by their racist grandfather and their mother who are really ignorant people. There was a big expose here in the US on them.....soooo....I guess what I'm trying to say is STFU!

6:46 AM  

Tuoni: Wow! i just went to your site. NO WONDER you got all up in arms. you are ignorant too! YOu have a link to Prussian Blue on your blog. Well my friend....I don't want to stand near you on judgement day....Wrong opinions. WRong ideas. Just plain ignorant. I'd like to see what Bible verses these 12 year old girls use to back up their retarded beliefs! I'd rather deal with an atheist than an ignorant and downright racist Christian.....Those Christians give us all bad names!

Hey Carmel....sorry. You know me and the soapbox!

6:50 AM  

Tuoni...please notice that I said "I sent those nasty little girls a message" nowhere did I say that I sent them a nasty message......Telling them I'm praying for them is hardly nasty. Unless you think praying to a Jewish King is nasty...then yes, I guess I did send them a nasty message!

7:20 AM  

Carmel ~ Lots of fireballs in here..

Sex sells. Folks are trying to market their brand of racism using the girls as models, their public face.

All about advertising..some poeple will buy into it. Nothing you can do bout that!

You wanna fight fire with fire? Expose them for what they really are.

Good luck..

10:20 AM  

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