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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Been reading

Thanks to Antonia I have been reading Natural Family Planning - natures way, Gods way.
My nose has been stuck there for a while, I love it and it's a free online book.

posted by Grace B at 4:30 PM


Excellent! Stop by delphiforums NFP board if you ever have questions.

6:07 PM  

With all these posts, how do u find time 2 read?

8:27 PM  

Natural family planning? Aww it's good you read so much, I should more you are inspiring.

7:44 AM  

I loved Pope John Paul - he was my favorite human along with Mother Theresa and those cool people in my pack.

Great bit of reading your recommendation.

8:59 PM  

thank you! I have checked them out too!
well I figured that I would write very short ones :D
I would love a few more hours in my day, straightening out those stars that you bend!
Yeah it's something you can think about when you are older ;)
Just teasing you. I Would love to be reading a bit more, I still havent bought "the theorum" just been plain lazy. Thanks for the lovely "inspiring" comment, you are a sweet one!
Cal the cute wonderdog!
yeah he was amazing wasnt he?
Mother Teresa is on my list also, you must have good taste.
You deserve a pet and dog cookie for that!

11:20 PM  

NATURAL planning? you're not serious are you? The quickest way to get pregnant is the rythem method. I would not rely on that for birth control. I think everyone should only have 2 kids. Ok, walking off my soapbox now!

1:21 PM  

Hey Jules,
NFP is actually 99% effective if used correctly of course.
Yeah in china you can have 2 kids and that's it, I think anywya lol.
You are more than welcome to get on your soapbox here anytime :)

1:51 PM  

I'm impressed you can read online, the computer screen starts to hurt my eyes after too long. :(

NFP is not the rhythm method; it is a bit more involved.

5:07 PM  

well....if the NFP involves taking your temp and charting it as well as abstaining during "ovulation" then, yep it's pretty much the rhythem method (I am a nursing student....worked in 2 hospitals....I know what it means...thanks though)

5:33 PM  

The computer does that too me too, it really strains my eyes, especially since I was stuck reading NFP for a while.
But I still do it. :D

6:42 PM  

Hi Jules!

Just to clarify the difference between the 'Rhythm Method' and 'Natural Family Planning' for you.

The term 'Rhythm Method' has traditioanlly been used to describe the 'Calender' method of avoiding pregnancy. That is, a woman abstains from intercourse based on calender calculations of when she is likely to be fertile.

In practice this is done by saying for example "Okay, my cycles are normally 30 days, and most women ovulate about 2 weeks before the start of their period, so around day 16 I should be ovulating, which means I will abstain from sex from days 10 to 18 say".

The rhythm method is done RETROSPECTIVELY and is just an educated guess.

This is completely different from Natural Family Planning which is entirely PROSPECTIVE. That is, you can say BEFORE it happens, and as it is happening, when you are in your fertile phase.

That being the case, it is appropriate that Natural Family Planning and the Rhythm Method are clearly distinguished from each other, because they are VERY very different.

I am sorry but if you were taught in your nursing course that NFP was synonamous with the Rhythm Method, then you were misinformed and might like to correct your teachers.

( I am a medical student and have extensively studied NFP as well as the medical research literature pertaining to it, and, as Carmel says, it is 99%+ effective at preventing pregnancy if it is used as taught. This is unlike the rhythm method which has a lower pregnancy prevention for obvious reasons (i.e, it is just an educated guess))

5:24 PM  

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