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Friday, January 13, 2006

De lurking week

By reading Happy Catholic I found out that it is National De Lurking week. These buttons were designed by Paper Napkin
So don't be a lurker, don't be shy, be heard!!

posted by Grace B at 5:07 PM


These buttons are great! Very fun.

5:52 PM  

I'm commenting, I'm commenting, see? Please don't kill me!

12:18 AM  

Yeah Beansprout, they are so cute.
Jack, i'm glad that I wont have to kill you, i'm relieved bc I don't want to break a nail. :D
(not that I would want to kill you anyway, I like your blog too much)

3:07 AM  


3:22 AM  

I am brave and putting myself to the test.

12:06 AM  

Nope, still alive!

2:20 PM  

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