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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Who do you look like?

Well thanks to my darling Jonathan
I have found this site called My heritiage where you can do a "face recognition" Jonathan submitted his photo and got Gene Kelly See Jonathan and Gene here personally I think Jonathan is more handsome than Gene Kelly, but anyway.....
I got Keira Knightley, I also got the little girl from Harry Potter, I can't remember her name.

I think just a little maybe but mainly I WISH. I thought I didn't know who she was but now I remember her from Pirates of the Carribean.
I don't know how to make my picture as big as keiras, but you get the idea i'm sure.
posted by Grace B at 6:55 PM


hehe! I can see the resemblence!

I went to summer camp this year with Gene Kelly's great niece! She looked JUST like him! (their eyes were identical!)
Jonathan does resemble him too! I think it's the face shape which is really similar.

12:50 AM  

I was going to pay you to say that you see the resemblance but you said it for free thanks!! lol, just kidding.

Yeah Jonathan's one shocked me, it's surely the face shape and eyes.
Wow you went to summer camp with Gene's neice! That's really interesting. Also the fact you lived in saudi arabia,and went to Italy!! all of a sudden I feel boring ;)

2:38 AM  

Cool site!
WoW, technology is scarry anymore!
We start out using things 4 a good cause, then end up using it for destructive causes!
I have 2 take a better look at that site when I have more time!

7:47 AM  

Personally I don't see the resemblence except perhaps in the shape of the face.

Thanks to you, Carmel, I went over to that website and spent 15 minutes feeding it several different pictures of myself and each time I got a different result! One time it said I looked most like Nicholas Cage and another time my #1 match was none other than St.Therese, the Little Flower! Wowza! But a great time waster I must admit.

8:06 AM  

Wow Keira Knightley looks really beautiful in that picture!! Something sweet, innocent and pure about the way she looks. Not that she isn't them things for all I know.

You look cute too in your picture ^_^ I can see a resemblence. What a very cool website, I wanna try it.

8:20 AM  

John looks just like him! It's so scary.

10:47 AM  

What a cool website!! Thanks for the link ;). I can definitely see the are both very pretty!

11:55 AM  

Boy oh boy ! I had some fun with that site! Thanks! lol

1:01 PM  

OH yeah it was fun! I got some funny results with family members I tell ya. I even came out as Hardy from Laurel and Hardy, don't tell me you see the resemblance with me and him or I will cry!!!
But in the end i'm happy to look like myself and that you all look like yourselves too!! :D)

5:41 PM  

Wow, that's amazing how they can do that. I like Gene Kelly and he and Jonathan have that boyish look.

7:22 PM  

Have I mentioned how cool your profile picture is?

9:47 PM  

Ha, looks like a funny thing to do, I will try it out soon as well.
The girl from Harry Potter is called Hermine Granger, maybe there is a resemblance also there except from the age difference... ;) i will go and check it out, I wonder what they will do with my face ;)

1:27 AM  

that was really cool. I will have to post my results eventually... lol, you do somewhat resemble Ms. knightley! Amazing isn't it, how they do this I mean! :)

11:01 AM  

Wow! 2 beautiful chicks! But you look more fun than Keira, Carmel!

6:59 PM  

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