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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Seeking the answers

Today I read an article which you can find
It is regarding the questions children seek, who are born from sperm donations.
I think we have a natural urge to find our roots and think it's a very serious question when a person wants to know "who am I?".
I understand the desire for a child, but knowing that this child will have some serious questions and wants, should be taken highly into account.
Having a child from a strange persons sperm should raise huge concerns, how do you know this sperm doesnt come from a rapist or worse!
I hope people who are choosing this option seriously consider the after effects.
Children do have a right to a mother and father, and it seems to me that sperm donations take from that, and will leave the child with emptiness.
posted by Grace B at 4:01 PM


Yeh, it mustn't be the nicest feeling ever....random person's sperm injected into your mother...

I do feel sorry for them.

Te group of people I especially feel sorry for are the ones who were part of a "selectively reduced" pregnancy.

It happens very often now-a-days, that if a woman is pregnant with triplets or twins and feels she doesn't want more than one baby, she has "selective reduction". That is, one or two of the babies are aborted, and then one is left inside alive.

I can not imagine what it must feel like to be that baby who is later born. To know that it was only because of your position in the womb that you weren't aborted & if you were lying in a more "convienient" place for the doctor's knife you'd be the dead one. And to know that murder occured around you before you were born!
Also to know that you had a twin or triplet who was killed because you're mother didn't want them.

I think I'd be in fear of my parents! It makes my stomach wince just thinking about it.

What a sad and crazy world we live in.

12:57 AM  

I didn't know they could do that! I'm really unpleasantly suprised. That brings tears to my eyes, how cruel, and I have to say selfish.
All your points are right on the mark. Thanks for the info! x

2:34 AM  

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