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Thursday, January 19, 2006

sweet rewards

Lately I have been friendly to a mentally disabled lady who goes to my Church. I make a point of saying hello to her every time I see her and that's about as far as it goes.
I decided to do that because she has a certain disability and no one really takes the time.
So this morning when I went to check my mail, I noticed a pretty envelope in my letter box and inside was a cross stitch design with my name (ok she spelled it as CAMEL but she tried) on it and a purple rose. I thought it was sweet that someone would take the time to make something for me! It would have taken her a good deal of time and effort for "me" someone she doesnt really know all that well.
So all I can say is "wow" im honoured.
So here is a picture, even though it says Camel B instead of Carmel B. hehe

posted by Grace B at 6:57 PM


Awwwww. HEHEHE! Thats terrific. I think this is the cutest thing I have seen yet. (Next to little cards and pictures that children make for mommy!) Bless her cotton socks! lol :)

7:32 PM  

Yeah it's sweet. Nothing beats those little cards and pictures for mummy! I have a special place for those.
hahaha, yeah bless those cotton socks ;)) x

1:18 AM  

A wonderful acknowledgement of how deep an impact a few kind words can have. This is amazing. And thanks so much for taking the time to stop by my blog. be well.

4:55 AM  

This is the greatest gift of all. Unexpected and from the heart.

She is saying, "I am glad we are friends" and "thank you so much."

There is so much inside each of us and we take so little time to enjoy the wonderful bits that are right here as we breathe each day.


8:17 AM  

That's really should frame it.

8:25 AM  

Oh how this tugged at my hearts strings!! BEAUTIFUL story. It's amazing how far a little kindness can go. I'm so glad you have this tangible evidence of that. You're a great person and you deserve to be acknowledged for it. Thanks SO much for sharing this!!

8:26 AM  

Now this one gave me goosebumps there Carmel! It is amazing how much one act of kindness can touch someone's heart.

I like to think of a smile as a free facelift, and it is contagious at that!

10:59 AM  

aw! God Bless her! (& you!). How lovely! That really made me smile! Just goes to show what an impact an (apparently) small act of love can have!
:) :) :)

4:15 PM  

Carmel that is absolutely amazing :) I loved that!! You can really impact another persons life with something that you may not think is a big deal!

What a great gift! I bet you'll treasure it!


2:53 AM  

This is very sweet. You know I envy the patience of the people who care for the mentally disabled must have and yet on the other hand I understand it - every "mentally challenged" person I've ever met have been so nice and decent, particulary the ones who go to church. They have the faith of the "little ones" Jesus talked about who will inherit the Kingdom, untainted by the cynicism of adulthood the rest of us fall into.

It just goes to show that if you show just a little kindness, you will be rewarded twice as much.

9:14 AM  

I think along the lines of jack bennett. I believe that the mentally disabled are less handicapped than we are, and much more readily recognize and show love than anyone else, excluding children.

I'm really happy you got this Carmel! You are a sweetheart!

9:03 PM  

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