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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Happy Australia day

Happy Australia day to all! Traditionally today is supposed to be a day of BBQ's and outdoor stuff, like going to the beach, river or anything watery, but with the 44C degree day (around 110F) I doubt there will be much outdoor stuff going on. Except for swimming of course.
As for me, i'm having a tired Australia day, I cannot sleep, i'm so wide awake at night, but make myself stay in bed. I will be going swimming and spending time with the family though.
Well....happy day!
posted by Grace B at 3:09 PM


Happy Australia day!!! I hope it was wonderful!!

5:09 PM  

Happy Australia Day Carmel! Hope you get some rest and keep nice and cool while you celebrate.

7:15 PM  

Thanks ladies! I hope to get sleep too and am having a good day so far :D

8:14 PM  

Happy Australia Day Carmel!!! Guess what? Australia Day is the same day as my Dad's birthday! I hope you enjoyed it very much today, and will get some good rest.

8:45 PM  

Marie-Linda, I hope your dad is having a lovely day happy birthday to him! x

10:56 PM  

Happy Australia Day Carmel!

Wohoooo, 44°C is really hot, but I hope you had a nice swim at least to cool down a bit. Here we have -10°C at night time, what a difference!
You know what, 3 years ago on Australia Day I got to know Yaya, hahaha
Well, happy Australia Day! :)

8:20 AM  

Happy Australia Day! I guess it is kinda like our July 4th, with the BBQ's and all! I hope it was a great one for you~

You should try simply sleep by tylenol pm... It is like tylenol pm, but without the tylenol. Hopefully you will get some sleep soon!

1:13 PM  

Happy Australia day Carmel! God bless Australia!

4:55 PM  

Thanks everyone I had a nice day.
Stef it's very different indeed.
Spritey, I need that tylenol BAD
St.P's thank you so much x

11:05 PM  

Happy Australia day, Carmel! I wasn't aware of this holiday. Sounds like a lot of fun! I'm glad you "translated" the 44C temp for those of us who never really learned it in school!

When you move to the states, I won't have my cyber friend in Australia anymore! :(

5:23 PM  

I never learned it in school either lol. I have a special thermometre :)
You will always have your cyber friend from Australia, but blogging from the USA :)

11:30 PM  

Really? How long has Australia been Centegrade? I learned more from day dreaming and looking at the Centegrade/Fahrenheit thermometer on the science room wall in 6th grade then I did in science class, lol.

Glad to know I'll always have my cyber friend from Australia! :)

5:54 AM  

It's been centergrade for as long as I remember, I only have a sort of idea when it comes to C and F, most times i'm pretty close but never exactly.
Thanks to my lovely thermometer I don't have to think! ;)

7:16 PM  

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