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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Kickboxing, thinking....

Being a health and fitness worry wart, I was thinking of joining a kickboxing class or buying a DVD on it.
I read a little on martial arts but don't really want to get that involved or have one of those nasty sensae trainers yikes!(no offense to any sensae that visits my blog, don't beat me up lol) I just want to do it as an exercize.
I'm interested in what others who have done it may think of it or what benefits they noticed which might be better than your ordinary aerobics or weight training classes.
Anyway, we should all think about our fitness even though there never seems to be enough time for it.

Also i'm cat obsessed as you know, and just had to post this sign, which I found on the same site that is printed on it.

posted by Grace B at 8:08 PM


without many questions straight boxing is one of the most challeging workouts bar none . . . that doesnt however mean u must compete . . .

8:52 PM  

Thanks David!
Well i'm going to give it a try I think, I feel a lot healthier when I do something strengthening because im a weakling, I sometimes cannot even get jar lids off and have to ask the stronger folk :(

10:55 PM  

Hey Carmel. Just come to Vernon and go dancing for 4 straight hours with me and the girls upon the speakers! Serious hardcore cardiovasular workout! PS I had a sign up like that on my fridge until little hands got it and cut it with his special scissors. Couple others too. (Cats are little people in fur coats!) ( This house is maintained entirely for the comfort and convenience of our cats!) I have 3 Fizzy, Veda and Rina. I LOVE KITTIES! MEOW!

12:29 AM  

sounds great Seenie!
Now I can't think of a more fun way to get fit actually, we would surely have a blast :D
I loved this cat sign, cats are so humanish, and yeah my cat owns me and my house, and all my furniture, she finds great claw sharpening tools, like my lounge room suite, and my nice lace curtains are now sliced! But I still love her.
I got to see a picture of Fizzy, he looks like "da boss" and I wouldnt mess with him LOL. But oh so cute. x
You meow too? Just like your man :))

2:35 AM  

Taekwondo is very good for getting in shape! You also learn self defense. All the kicking that is done will have you in the best shape of your life in no time. I've been doing it for ten years now.

7:32 AM  

HAHA Great picture! I need to get me some Attack Cats!

8:15 AM  

Yeah, those attack cats are exactly like mine. The only time they pounce is when you put food in their dish!

8:48 AM  

That's good that you want to keep fit and healthy. I always thought kickboxing would be rather cool out of all the defending and fighting sports kinda thing. I really need to get more active personally myself. I'm very unfit and unhealthy and it's very upsetting lol.

That picture is cute ^_^

11:21 AM  

Hi Carmel,
There's a hissy kitty down the block from me and she is mean!Definitely of the attack-cat variety. Everytime I try to get her to play, she hisses and scratches.

What should I do?


1:08 PM  

I took a cardio kickboxing class and I loved it. (that was pre knee surgeries) It was fun, challenging, and I could always feel the workout afterwards. The focus was on aerobics, but you learned kick boxing moves at the same time. I don't think you will be sorry at all. It is more client oriented than karate, so I dont't think the mean sensae is going to be a problem, but they will push you to keep going! :)

1:22 PM  

I have never thought of Taekwondo, but I do know that they have it somewhere in my town. I will look it up. After 10 years of doing it, you must be a pro! Also, your cats sound like mine lol.
Thank you! Yeah well with these attack cats you will never see a rat or mouse in the house!
Yeah being unfit gets me feeling bad too, although I make a point of jogging 5 times a week, if I don't I get very unmotivated to do alot of things.
Cats can be mean to dogs, they like the gentle approach, just sit there in front of this mean cat and get her attention, play hard to get and the cat will soon come and check you out.
I remember that you spoke of your knee surgery. It sounds like you enjoyed the classes, im amazed at the good response to this type of exercise, that's what I was looking for. Thanks

10:51 PM  

ITS TRUE! I DO MEW! I can purr too! Not that fake purr stuff but truly from the back of my throat. Its kind of weird and have yet to meet someone who can do it! Patrick??? Tell her its true!! LOL

2:28 AM  

2 bad we don't live closer~ I would kick-box with u! I think
it sounds GREAT.
Hey--I have a picture of an attack cat-->

8:11 AM  

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8:12 AM  

Awww... it won't let me leave a link....
U have 2 do it the manual way...

8:14 AM  

Seenie, you can purr too!! I can only fake purr :/

Starbender, that would be fun indeed! THanks for the link, I saw it and loved every picture! That is some neat stuff.

3:19 PM  

Carmel ~ catz are awesome! me especially love them 150 - 700 lbs ones..claws & all ::grins::

mixed training is the way to go, imo.

also, t'will be quite difficult to learn martial arts from a video unless you obsess about it or learned some other art before.

we all have different goals when taking up arts/sports, tis good you know what you want.

i recommend
1) weight training
join a gym, get a trainer. and no, you will not turn into Red Sonja anytime soon. 2 - 3 days per week.

2) martial arts
kickboxing in its commercial version is usually geared towards fitness, fun & cardio than pure a$$-kicking. find a patient, yet knowledgaeble sensei if possible.

3) limited cardio
3 - 4 days a week, 20 - 40 mins of walking / rowing / cycling. kickboxing counts as cardio.

4:36 PM  

thanks Sol!
It seems you know your stuff there!
I guess maybe you have been doing some serious exersize yourself.
I wonder if I can still do my jogging and the kickboxing. Either way I'm pretty excited about starting! I will let my bloggy dudes know how i'm going.
I love those cats too, they are cuties, claws, sharp teeth and hairshedding, it's all a part of the love. :D

9:50 PM  

Carmel ~ ::grins::

ja, to love truly one must look beyond physical appearance

..the fire in those creatures is amazing.

4:38 AM  

I took Tae Kwon Do in high school and later Ji Do Kwan ( Which is better? Honestly, what makes a good school is a good teacher.
My personal problem with Tae Bo or other kickboxing videos is the teacher isn't there with you. Without proper technique you could hurt your joints. With Tae Bo one of the most common injuries is hyper extending of the knee or elbow, whereas with an instructor you'd learn proper form. Billy Blanks has great form and I have no doubt of his knowledge and skill, but with the speed he goes it’s hard for me to keep good form. In the end, I'd say find someone to show you the basic forms and then get a basics video. It really is a good workout, just not one you can jump right in on.

4:52 PM  

Thanks Jennifer,
I certainly don't want to hurt my joints eek!
That's great advice, I have decided not to opt for the video until I know exactly what i'm doing. Right now i'm fairly fit from other exercize but I feel that I want to do something more fun and the martial arts seem a good way to go!
Thanks x

8:24 PM  

I do jiu-jitsu myself, I am a brown belt, but the class before our class is indeed a kickboxing-class! Damn, do those people smell! If you decide on doing kickboxing. Don't forget to buy the finest deodorant around!

10:44 AM  

sorry to comment late, I just found your blog. Kickboxing if done for practical purposes is very tough on the body as it involves getting hit in the head - a friend of mine did it but stopped after ceasing to remember the sessions. If just done as aerobics it must get boring. I do karate (shotokan style) and find it really great - the senseis aren't mean - it's continually interesting as you learn more, and very free from injuries, much more than any other sport I have done.

12:05 PM  

Thanks for that info John, I appreciate it and will never do anything that involves head type of stuff, i'm glad you mentioned that!

6:46 PM  

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