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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Just when I thought I had seen it all!

I have seen some strange things on ebay, this time it's A week with 4 blokes in Sydney
With 77 bids so far, with the current bid at this very moment being $12,100 you have to wonder, who in their right minds would pay that? If you are in international guest, don't expect your ticket paid for!
I must admit, they are creative and have hopes of meeting and gaining a life time friend.
Well either way I hope all have a great time.
Yay to friendships!

Hat tip goes to Samantha Burns

Also my lovely and dear friend
Stef has safely arrived in Thailand, and I wish her all the best, even though she didn't pack me in her suitcase so I could spend my days on a thai beach.

I got a gorgeous and cute "thank you" card today, isn't gratitude sweet?

That is my card, cute kitty of course!
posted by Grace B at 2:38 PM


That card is adorable!
Aah Carmel, still going around doing good to people, eh?

7:20 PM  

eerrr Carmel, i dont know if ya'd want a freind to do that *literally* to ya!!

11:21 PM  

Lol Ebay is very cool though. However, I can't help but get scared that I'm always going to get scammed heh.

8:39 AM  

HAHAHA That is just too funny! I should start auctioning off my single friends :p j/k

10:26 AM  

I'd almost want to bid to tell them that I think they are pathetic losers not worth the time.

10:41 AM  

hmmm... bidding my single friends, I could pay for college this way? Damn I gotta learn how to use ebay!

10:48 AM  

I saw poop on sale on ebay. Goes to show you that everything has the potential of productization - you just have to find the market.

Hey, I bet I'm the first dog to say "productization". That makes me hungry for Greenies(tm) and Milk Bone Dog Bisquits (ask for them by name!)

Your fan,

2:23 PM  

Just when u thought u saw it all!
Interesting concept, I must say!

8:45 PM  

actually it was a weekend with those blokes. I made a boo boo

9:05 PM  

Oh and Cal!
You are the smartest dog I know!

2:06 PM  

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