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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Catholic Doctors resign over abortion drug...

SYDNEY, Australia (CNS) – A group of Australian Catholic doctors has resigned from the country's two leading medical organizations in protest over support the groups have given to the abortion drug RU-486.
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These doctors are resigning because the Australian Medical Association are calling the RU-486 safe to prescribe to women. When it's infact not safe at all!

"RU-486 is associated with a 1,000 % increase in women dying due to infection and bleeding, when compared to early surgical termination. To leave a woman to suffer and bleed at home over days, often alone, is appalling medical practice and lacks genuine compassion" says Dr.Terrence Kent
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We need more doctors like them to stand up for truth, for life and for the faith! May their example lead others in the healthcare and medical field to imitate their heroism. God bless them!

7:54 PM  

Amen!! :}

12:58 AM  

some medical advances seem more like giant steps backwards to me. People are so involved with forward thought of "medicine" that they forget the purpose is to cure, not kill...

9:10 AM  

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