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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Catching up time

So I haven't really blogged in too much detail lately, unless it's news snippets or advertising something, I have been rather stuck for time and there never seems to be enough of it! But I promise to get back to the norm now.
Although I have devoted some time to the God Conference blog. I would also like to devote more time to the other group blog which is Per Christum. All in due time, all in due time.....
This of course is my main blog and most of my ramblings, opinions and so forth are expressed here.
I worked for a bit today, it was a slow day and i'm glad it's over with, the type of weather we are having is making me tired. I am now sleeping alot better by the way, I think eventually tiredness catches up to you!
I'm really looking forward to visiting the USA in just over a month, it's coming up rather soon (not soon enough) and I have been day dreaming about it all too often, I even checked out the march movie guide that will be on the plane, oh how dorky of me! I like dork, I like to be a little dorky, Cubicle reverend was blogging about his dorkiness and I feel that I can too. But hey i'm not 100% dorky, although I did love space invaders all those years ago and would play it now if I had it (and had time).
I have added a few new blogs to my reading list lately without giving them a welcome to the "blog roll" (sounds like a sandwich) There are many, you know who you are, Sol, Kristie sue, Frankie, Cal the wonder dog (woof) Yara etc
Ok so some have been there for a few months, but I havent been able to give them a mention like I normally do.
The Catholic blog awards voting is on, I lost the link, but get out and vote for your faves if you find it.
By the way, Stef from Miracle drug has posted pics on her trip to Thailand, I saw her relaxing on a hammock, makes me a lil jealous!
That's all for now ......
Be well x
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heya! I can imagine you must be extremly excited about going to America to see your future husband!! Will you guys be doing some more wedding planning while you are over there? How long will you be staying there? Will you still blog while you're over there?! :)
lotsa love, -x-x-x-x-

12:27 AM  

America, the land of everything wonderful and messed-up all in the same place. Blatant capitalist excess, fervent believers of everything you can think of, and yes of course, lots of smart dogs.

Hope you visit all the cool places - this land is like 100 countries rolled up into one sometimes.

Make sure to take a sampling from the Midwestern part of the US, the humans are friendlier, especially up north where they are locked in ice and do crazy things like go swimming in the frozen lakes and build little houses to go fishing when it's incredibly cold outside!

Am I rambling? 'Cause stop me if I am . . .

Cal :-)

7:04 AM  

Where in America are you going to? I'm a dork too btw :o)

12:29 PM  

Yes i'm pretty excited about seeing him, I really can't wait. I will still blog and maybe post some pictures if I am able to.
We have done a lot of planning for the wedding already, but probably wont be doing too much at this stage, alot has been done with where to live, which Church and all that, I can't wait to post on these things more!
I will stay there for about 20 days or so too.
Thanks xx

I noticed it was excessive!! And thank goodness for the smart dogs, I saw some beautiful dogs there, one was called Daisy, aint that a pretty name for a dog?
I will be going to Ohio Cal, near cleveland, so I guss there will be lots of frozen things around there!
You are not rambling :)

I will be visiting Ohio and can't wait, why does time go slowly when you don't want it to??

9:37 PM  

Just wanted to say, I still love space invaders.

And pacman.

8:04 PM  

I could fixiate myself on pac man for many hours , you have good taste! =)

9:20 PM  

Carmel ~ wish ya a safe trip, holler us if ya need any tips while there ;)

happy to be on yer reading list!!

3:32 PM  

Kewl Ohio never been there. I live in the Midwest :D Only a few states away :p

7:52 AM  

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