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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Picture post

I saw this at The Cubicle Reverand's blog and thought it looked rather fun.
I enjoyed his, so lets see how we go with me.
I would love to see yours btw :)

Instructions: Use the picture you like best from the first (no clicking around for 44 pages) page of the search results on Google Image.

The city and province of the town where you grew up, no quotation marks.

2. The town where you currently reside.

3. Your name, first and last, but no quotes.

4. Your grandmother's name.

5. Your favorite food.

6. Your favorite drink.

7. Your favorite smell.

8. Your favorite song.

I think that made for a pretty post..
posted by Grace B at 9:38 PM


hehe! That was fun! I might give it a go too (as soon as I've done that meme you tagged me for like 2 weeks ago!!)

12:34 AM  

yours is really sweet. What was that food though? looked like duck and celery.

6:31 AM  

i am so dim at times . . . playing connect the dots was always a task for me as a child and i am always the last one to see the picture when connecting the dots . . . so . . . when i saw the bottle of wine i thought hummm i wonder if that was bottled at her vineyard??? is it?

8:51 AM  

All in due time! :)

it's peking duck, it's soooo good, but I havent had it in forever!

No that's not from my vineyard, I wish though bc it's a very lovely picture!

4:14 PM  


doez yer grandma have any antique medieval stuff?? j/k ;)

is yer fave food turkey?
couldnt see properly.

3:34 PM  

Hey Sol,
I wish my Queen Elizabeth was an old grandma of mine :)
My favorite food is peking duck, kinda looks like turkey there you're right!

11:05 PM  

It's a beautiful post

11:25 PM  

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7:48 AM  

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