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Friday, February 17, 2006

Shopping, movies etc

Thanks for your prayers and well wishes for
Jonathan it meant a lot to the both of us, he thanked you all in the comments and on his blog too, and is recovering nicely until a few weeks time when he has more! I will keep you updated.

Recently I went out to the movies and watched Walk the line, it's fantastic and would recommend it. It's the Johnny Cash story, i've always liked a bit of Johnny Cash, although I don't really know all that many of his songs, my dad liked him so that's where I was introduced to who he was I guess. The actors do a great job, I was impressed.

In less than 4 weeks (yeah i'm counting, 3 weeks and something days ha ha) I'm going overseas to the USA, as if I haven't told you twice already, this makes 3 times but I can't help being like that =) I will have some free time there so I will blog you guys too.

I have discovered the joys of shopping on ebay, I never let myself before, but have got into it recently. I have been a seller on ebay before, but in the last few weeks I have discovered the thrill of shopping online, lets see, what have I bought? 1 hat, 1 jumper (sweatshirt for the Americans) one pair of shoes, a dress, a top thingy that you wear over another top and all of a sudden I can't remember the rest. But i'm not addicted really =)

I found it pretty shocking when I read This It's about the landslide in the Phillipines, so I think prayer is in order there, I believe that around 90 % of the villiagers may be dead, so that's a sad one.

So it's saturday here and i'm glad, no work, except for housework but I can handle that! I wish you all a safe and fun weekend.
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Hey Carmel! I'm glad to hear J. is recovering well. do remind us in time for his next surgery in a few weeks time & we will specially remember him in prayer. Will you be there when he has the next surgery?

Ooh! 3 weeks and something's getting closer! I am so happy for you! :) you'll have a wonderful time! It is a long flight?

Ebay- I've never really bought anything from there myself, but I have a lot of friends who have gone through phases of addiction..!!

The Phillipino landslide was pretty sad. :-(

It's Friday night's been a mega long week & I am very much looking forward to the weekend! yey!

bye for now!

3:57 PM  

Johnny Cash is awesome! What a great movie!

Good to hear that Jonathan is doing well!

And...a random do you put a picture in the title spot on your blog?

technologically incapable.

7:17 PM  

Hey Carmel. I'm happy to hear Jonathan is okay! :)

Im really glad that you went to see the Johnny Cash movie! I loved it so much, and thought that even the music in it was really good! I was especially impressed with the fact that Joaquin and Reese sang all the music in it. They sound so much like the original! I have the soundtrack, thats how much I loved it!

How exciting for your trip!!! Counting down, I know how that feels.

Ebay! Dude, I am so addicted to it its not even funny. I buy everything from ebay. Clothes, playstation games, jewellery, beads, Michael Jackson stuff, CDS, DVDs, books... hahaha. It actually saves me having to leave the house half of the time! I also sell a lot on it as well! Glad that you're having fun with it!

Hope life is treating you well. :)

8:41 PM  

wow! eBay . . . i remember those days when i use to go on eBay . . . . linda says i'm not allowed on eBay anymore "without adult supervision" . . . those were the days . . . it was so bad they laid off a few deliver guys . . . i told her there would be repercussions and (other) children were involved . . . that's were she said something under her breath about me being THE child?? oh well all i know is i'm still not allowed without an adult . . .

9:46 PM  

Antonia thank you, it was good to see him feeling well, we both appreciate your prayers and I will keep you updated on dates as soon as I know them. I am not sure if I will be there or not for his next surgery, he is yet to get a date for it.
Oh yeah im counting, it's a 14 hour flight so yeah it's pretty long, I mainly watch movies and read and try to sleep on my way there, but it's a perfect excuse to relax lol.
I hope you have a fun weekend!

Hey Danny,
Yeah I know how but I think your template could be different from mine. But here is what I did:
Firstly I played around a bit to find where to put the picture. In my template I looked for where it says "blog header" So find that somewhere in your template. I had to upload my image so I could have a URL for it, mine looks like this:

/* Blog Header
----------------------------------------------- */
#header {
background:#357 url("") no-repeat left bottom;
I had to add the URL the rest was already there.
If I have totally confused you and you have trouble take a look at this
It's my favorite site when I want to try pictures and special stuff. I am not very technologically able myself, but this is pretty awesome.

Hey Jess, Miss Numero uno lungo!
I'm trying not to be addicted to ebay!
I thought the songs were original in the movie, I had no idea the actors could really sing wow!

I may need adult supervision too, when i'm married Jonathan will have to keep a close watch on me hehehee.

11:28 PM  

PS, To Danny again, if you have any more questions let me know!

11:29 PM  

And one more thing! (lol I remember things bit by bit) see the heart pic I have? You can add one of those by using a URL for your picture in the same place that you put your writing, for example mine is "the me that I let the world see" I added that pic under that writing.
Ok i'm outta here before I confuse anyone anymore......

2:39 AM  

Hey Carmel,
Thanks for the help! I did see it earlier. I'm trying to do some of the things you suggested, but I can't get them to work right. For example, If I post a picture in the title part it cuts it half way off, and if I put a picture in the "tag line" part it doesn the same thing. I need to find out how to make the top part (title) and bottom (tag line) into one so the picture will be complete! I need to take a class on this or something!
Thanks for you help though!

7:35 PM  

I have figured it out! Thanks for all your help!!!

2:35 PM  

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