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Friday, February 17, 2006

Love sweet love...

What a corny title :(>>> but not without a reason! here are some lovely links for you....

Married or getting married? Marriage Quotes

or check out Marriage Tips

Take the Dr.Laura Is it love? test.


posted by Grace B at 11:06 PM


U'r puppy is so adorable!
Hmmmm...... L O V E-
it's a 4 letter word, don't
4-get! Why isn't marriage
a 4 letter word? (it should b)
Those are the only 2 I can
think of at the moment!
(I guess I've just never
really been that lucky in
Love!) :"(
Geeze-that was morbid!
Actually, meeting someone and
spending an entire life time
together (in love) would b
fantastic! I c elderly couples
that celebrate 50 yrs. together-
WOW, what a milestone. When our
children get older-will there
still be couples celebrating 50
yrs., or will that b a thing of
the past?

8:25 PM  

aw! nice sites! and the puppy is very adorable too!!
thanks for posting! -x-

2:01 AM  

I took the puppy out of an email, I thought it was cute too.

Starbender, we should not 4get the 4 letter word!
Tied is a good one lol. I don't think any of us can be perfect at love, i'm not married but posting marriage related links lol, as if I can give advice :))
I like what happy elderly couples have when they can still hold hands and all, I hope to have something like that in my old wrinkly age. =)
You're welcome Antonia, i thought you might like them too!

2:41 AM  

somebody wants to get married (it seems), I hope Jordi isn't gay by the way, 'cause kissing a gay guy was not on my wishlist. Gay guys are perfect as a best friend, but nothing more then that

6:29 AM  

I'm waiting on a very special someone to marry me! LOL! Well he promised that if we maintained a year of goodness that we would do the "hitching" process! Great links and fantastically cute pic! Love ya girl!

10:25 AM  

Hey Yara,
There is a wonderful man out there for you! Who will love you, you are beautiful.

WOW! That's fantastic and i'm glad you and Patrick have found love in each other, you have certainly brightened up his world I can tell. And for sure he has brigtened up yours. I am glad he found someone like you.
Love xxxxx

10:49 PM  

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