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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Ink Work

Check out Jon's Tattoo
It's of a certain religious figure, I hope you know him!

*note! This is not my fiance' Jonathan who has the tattoo but "Jon" my friend and reader,.

posted by Grace B at 1:31 PM


Thats an awesome tattoo! :)

5:30 PM  

Tattoos are fun ! Getting mine done after about 7 years of saying im gonna get mine done. So I am totally stoked! I have 3 that need to be covered! They are home jobbies, not bad mind you but I would like paw prints to cover them.

6:33 PM  

Wow, that had to hurt.

6:58 PM  

the amount of detail is pretty impressive!

2:13 AM  

thanks for mentioning me =)

also, it didnt hurt too bad, i went in with the mind set that it wouldnt hurt, so i imagine that helped.

8:11 AM  

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